Wendy waits in the window every day and runs to the door when I come in. She always has lots to say about her day, she’s such a chatterbox. When my parents come to visit, she is of course the center of attention, teaching my mom how she likes to play on the stairs, and snoozing next to my Dad while he snoozes on the couch!

WendyWendy is also a favorite of her (feline only) pet sitter, Paulette. I recently bought a motion sensor camera so I can see her during the day and even talk to her. Her favorite thing to do while I am at work is re-arrange the rugs in the house, knock anything and everything off the coffee table, and play in her water bowl. She is a riot to watch! Also, she loves to watch cats and birds on TV (when she isnt watching real ones through the window!), and snuggle in her eco-tails cat cave.

Every evening we have “belly time”, and we get out all the toys to play. She loves her catnip CONTAINER, but isn’t really interested in the catnip itself (haha). And, she tells ME when its time for bed. After she is done attacking my feet through the comforter on the bed, she settles down and sleeps! It feels like we have been together for ever. I love her so much!