Buckeye is doing great in his new home! His new family told us he has settled into the house routine nicely and is best buddies with his canine brother!
Wendy has loads of love and energy to give her new home. We are happy to hear she is super playful especially with strings, mice, and her water bowl.
His new home says it the best! "Have you ever seen a dog smile? That's our Ralph. With the pep in his step while on a walk, to the sounds of comfort while finding just the right spot on the dog bed, to the goofy crazy runs around the yard. Ralph had our hearts from the start!"
Polly likes to try out all the dogs beds in her new house. Her new brother doesn't seem to mind very much thank goodness!
Macy and her new BFF Molly get along great together. Her new home tells us she fits in perfectly with the family.
Honey Bun
Honey Bun is getting along well with both of her brothers. Her home tells us she is a wonderfully sweet and playful girl. She has really made her new family so happy!
Luca loves walks through the woods at Winton Woods park and chasing squirrels. Her new family told us she is so much fun and has officially settled into the family.
Hazel's new workout routine includes lots of stretching. Happy to see her and her buddy Blaze adjusting to home life so easily!
Watching the world go by in her new furever home Blaze has it made!
The dog park is Cypress's favorite place now. His owner reports that he is always happy and wagging his tail. We are so happy to hear how well he is doing!
Zoey (formerly Heidi)
Zoey loves her new home. Her new family tells us she prefers her backyard and she is constantly impressing them with how smart she is!
Buck & Barnie
Clearly Buck (black) and Barnie (orange) from room 15 are incredibly happy in their home. Such lucky boys to be together and to have Gus a big brother. We love seeing new families all snuggled up!