Jilly is currently in training and making fantastic progress we are proud to report! With her new kitty siblings and doggy neighbors Jilly has found her new family and lots of love!
Peter and Maggie
Peter and Maggie are the perfect pair. They love to snuggle up with their family and greet them at the door when they get home. Sounds like they fit right in at their new home!
Kelly is living the good life in her forever home. Her mom reports she likes both her dog bed and her mom's bed equally. To many more naps in your new home!
Lucky Lucy living it up at her new home!
Star student Lebowski is making straight A's in his new training class. His family reports he still loves his tennis balls and running around the backyard. His new life suits him and we couldn't wish for a better home!
This gorgeous gal love everyone she meets and is always trying to make new friends with dogs and people! Her new home says she will be training in the future but she looks like she has mastered sit just fine!
Kayley is doing great in her new home. After getting over her first day jitters she is relaxed and loving life her new dad reports!
Shown with his new lady friend Piper. We hear "he is the best dog every" and we are happy to agree. To many more sunny afternoons with friends Finnie!
Zeke news life includes big mountains and west coast adventures! His family reports that he is a great passenger and they have even made him a bench for the back seat so he can lay his head on the console and see where they are headed!
Lillie is doing great eating drinking rolling over for belly rub's purring and enjoying all the love she can soak up from her new mom. This 7 year old three legged girl has come a long way since we rescued her from rural Ohio 5 years ago with a gunshot wound that resulted in the loss of her leg.
His new family reports that "Bones LOVES his sister Lily:). They always think they may be able to get just little closer.". Looks like a match made in heaven and we couldn't be happier!
"She's more of a furniture dog" is what her new family says about Meera. A picture says it best! Glad to see her in the lap of luxury.