I literally just snapped this photo and I just had to send it! Huey (now Kerouac) is a great companion! We're in love.
Kit is still doing wonderfully - he has become much more affectionate and has even been caught sleeping in my bed and grooming my pup's ears when I had my head turned!
Stephanie, now named Clara, just celebrated her 1st birthday in her new home - toys and treats, who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe a belly rub...!
Mamie has such a great personality and is completely adorable. She comes right up to me purring when I call her name!
As you can see Bronwyn knows how to charm a camera too! Lucky girl will spend her days with brother Bruno and her wonderful family!
Bruno, as you can see, is the most adorable and photogenic kitty! He is loving life with his sister Bronwyn in their new home!
He is truly adorable! He is quite the ball of energy but also loves to snuggle and get attention from both of us!
This sweet and gentle girl has found the perfect home where she will spend the rest of her days totally pampered and showered with affection!
"Stella is definitely everything I thought she would be. She is very patient, calm and easy going. When she's not snoozing on the couch, she loves to cuddle and follow me around!"
"She is happy as a little clam" is the way Jasmine's (now named Tina) family describes her. We can clearly see why she is so happy in her wonderful home!!
Baby Amy
Baby Amy, now known as Izzy, is doing great! Every picture we have gotten, she is enjoying a soft cushy piece of furniture!
"Hermie is as happy as a cat can be. He is still the sweetest cat we have ever met and we are so lucky to have found him!"