Big Joe, as he was affectionately known at STAF, loves a soft bed. We hear he is also totally mesmerized by the laptop cursor!
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann, adopted with Joe both from room 18, is settling in well and enjoys exploring her new surroundings!
Broadway Joe
Broadway Joe is very happy at home with Mom and his STAF 'siblings' Pandora and Plato!
Although a little shy at first, her curious nature and need to explore won out! Joss quickly warmed up and always enjoys couch time!
With a face as adorable as Sailor's, is it any wonder she immediately stole everyone's heart!
Abner has become quite the ball of energy! He can be pretty playful but loves to snuggle with his people too!
Kimmie G
A forever home, a lap, a nap and a little sunshine on her face! What more could a girl ask for?
JJ loves every minute in his new home. Lucky for us, his family found a moment when he was standing still long enough to take a picture for us!
Patty loves a good nap in the afternoon - we think she probably loves a good nap in the morning, evening or anytime..... Lucky, lovely girl!
Oh my goodness - how exciting to see that Kit has become a lap cat - what a fabulous forever home!!
Someone's having a hard time waking up today! Tikka (formerly Jill) is living the life she was always meant to have. There's nothing like the sight of a former STAF dog comfortably snoozing in his/her home. This is the kind of stuff we live for!
Willa is doing so well. She is really starting to come out of her shell.