"Toy is doing very well! He wants me to tell you guys that he's so thankful for your love and care and he's super excited to have a home!"
Jonquil, now known as Petunia, loves to snuggle and enjoys a relaxing afternoon buried among the blankets!
Kasey seems very content to watch the 'goings on' from the top of her tower in her new home! We're sure siblings Kip and Kylee are close by!
Kylee enjoying the view from her favorite spot. More than likely she is watching the antics of siblings Kip and Kasey!
The photogenic Kip lounging on the table waiting for his evening meal! Loving life with his siblings Kylee and Kasey!
Diana & Luna
Diana and Luna are getting bigger every day! They love to stretch out, share a lap, while enjoying a bedtime story!
Madeline definitely loves to sleep in beds and makes sure we wake up by 7:30am every day! She loves lap time too! Thank you for matching us up with her!
I literally just snapped this photo and I just had to send it! Huey (now Kerouac) is a great companion! We're in love.
Kit is still doing wonderfully - he has become much more affectionate and has even been caught sleeping in my bed and grooming my pup's ears when I had my head turned!
Stephanie, now named Clara, just celebrated her 1st birthday in her new home - toys and treats, who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe a belly rub...!
Mamie has such a great personality and is completely adorable. She comes right up to me purring when I call her name!
As you can see Bronwyn knows how to charm a camera too! Lucky girl will spend her days with brother Bruno and her wonderful family!