The dog park is Cypress's favorite place now. His owner reports that he is always happy and wagging his tail. We are so happy to hear how well he is doing!
Zoey (formerly Heidi)
Zoey loves her new home. Her new family tells us she prefers her backyard and she is constantly impressing them with how smart she is!
Buck & Barnie
Clearly Buck (black) and Barnie (orange) from room 15 are incredibly happy in their home. Such lucky boys to be together and to have Gus a big brother. We love seeing new families all snuggled up!
Lucy runs the household now!
Banjo & Buckley
From their new furever home. " I am happy to report that we (and they, I think) couldn’t be happier, and everyone has adjusted well! The only ‘surprises’ that we learned are (1) Buck is a magician and can open the door to his crate, and (2) Buck is terrified of thunder."
Ellie (formerly Elsa)
Ellie has found a new spot on her owners nightstand to look out the window and sleep all day. Looks like the life!
Since finding a forever home, Whiskey moved out of the area and got a new sister, Bailey (pictured). We love to see families grow and couldn't be more excited to hear that Whiskey has another four legged friend to play with!
Casey Jones
Casey Jones took quite a while to adapt to his new home as he was pretty used to shelter life. But he really came out of his shell after about 2 months and he is the star of her household his mom says. Another fabulous forever home!
We are happy to report Rex is doing great! His new family tell us he is the most loving and cuddly cat. They feel like they were so lucky to have chosen him and we feel the exact same way.
The perfect match her mom says. " She continues to be the sweetest, loving, BIG dog! She's my little shadow and has become my best friend. She really is such a joy and I can't imagine life without her."
Happy loves to talk in her new home! When dinner is served her meow sounds like "Mom" we hear. So happy to hear to hear she is doing so well. 
Kona (fna Miska)
Her owner reports that she loved the snow this winter. She also gets to visit the local patios with her owner on great days. From snow to summer and everything in between this in one happy pup!