Fig loves taking naps and prefers to have a pillow or someone’s leg to rest his head. He has two beds of his own but always gets to sleep in the “big bed” at night according to mom and dad. From shelter life to a house full of love with a fenced yard Fig has it made!
PollyEsther, Taffeta & Blinken
This crew of kitties is having a fabulous time in their new home! Their home has a slew of nicknames for them as their personalities come out and we couldn't be happier to hear how well they are doing.
Gavin now loves to hike, go on car rides and make trips to the dog park! His owner reports that he takes life in stride with the cool, mellow attitude he has towards everything.
Vail & Aspen
Rescued from a hoarding situation these kittens went directly to the vet for emergency medical care upon arrival to STAF. Just look how they have thrived!
Antoinette celebrates her one year anniversary in her forever home - she loves being a couch potato!
Nash & Napoleon
Nash & Napoleon trying very hard to look innocent, but not really succeeding, are they? LOL
Pebbles & BamBam
Pebbles & BamBam were rescued together, lived together at the shelter, and thankfully were adopted together to their Forever Home!!
Happily spoiled, and just a little spoiled, did we happen to mention spoiled?
January (on the left) with her new best friend Aggie - partners in crime and loving every minute of their life together!
Maya, Mila, and Haley
These three lucky girls were adopted together and especially enjoy "Wet Food Wednesday" an official day of the week!
"She's absolutely thriving here! Thank you again for all of your help and support. It was really a pleasure adopting from STAF."
Pokie, adopted with her lifetime companion Comet, enjoys nap time or any time in her new home!