Each year dogs & cats with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities come to our door.

STAF Medical Fund provides the means to help these cases.

Each year, STAF helps hundreds of cats and dogs who desperately needed medical care and TLC to recover from the horrible situations they were rescued from.  We’ve highlighted just a few.

Miss MarvelSTAF also has cats and dogs will stay in our fJadziaamily longer than most.  Many have on-going but manageable health issues.

At STAF, we believe every one of these beautiful animals deserves a chance.  Our Medical Fund gives them that chance.

Donation dollars go directly to rescuing those who need us and to providing necessary care, be it routine care to help a neglected cat or dog get back on his feet, or emergency care to save a life, or medication to restore health and provide comfort.

Our Medical Fund is absolutely critical to STAF being able to continue this work for cats and dogs in need.  And we need your help.  Lovejoy McCoy

Please consider a donation to our Medical Fund.

Remember that your donation is 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Thank you for supporting our mission of helping those without hope.