Miss Molley is an adorable and tiny (15 lbs) little beagle girl who was found running loose as a stray on a family farm. The family contacted the local shelter and sadly no one was looking for Molley. Molley’s guardian angel family noticed a large bite wound on her hip that had abscessed and they knew immediately that she needed to see a veterinarian. They took Molley to the vet where she had surgery to repair the wound as well as get her first set of vaccinations. Thankfully Molley’s wound responded to the surgery and treatment and she hardly missed a beat:).

Molley is your typical beagle who loves to run and play and play and run. The family said that Molley did well with the family cat during her stay with them. Beagle lovers will understand that Molley has a lot of energy, is super smart and  need to be watched outside in a fenced yard since beagles typically dig and climb!


Our sweet Gingerbread came to STAF’s attention when several volunteers saw a posting on Facebook that this young FeLV positive cat was going to be euthanized by a Kentucky shelter in a matter of days. We are one of the only shelters in the region that will give sanctuary, and a lifetime of TLC, to cats that have tested FeLV positive. We gladly stepped in to help, and one of our volunteers drove four hours to bring Gingerbread safely back to the loving care of STAF.

Gingerbread napped during the entire trip to STAF, knowing she was safe in the care of her special volunteer. This gorgeous one-year-old cat is active, playful, and very excited to be with us. From the first day, she was welcoming all visitors and head-butting with gusto! We are so happy to have her with us.

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue to save more cats in need like Gingerbread who deserve a chance at life, please donate to our Medical Fund today.


Ben Ben arrived at STAF when a woman came to the shelter saying she could no longer keep him, pushed him out of her car, and drove off. Ben Ben arrived in bad shape: he was seriously underweight, riddled with parasites, missing fur, never bathed, and had nails so long he could barely walk. We are very thankful to have him safe at STAF!

In just a short period of time at STAF, Ben Ben looks like a completely different dog. He’s put on a few pounds, had a bath, was treated for parasites, and even had a puppy manicure! It’s obvious that STAF is the best home he has ever known. Ben Ben looks to be a setter/border collie mix and our vet estimates him to be around two years old.

Ben Ben is an energetic, playful boy, and with lack of training, he doesn’t quite know the difference between playing with people and dogs. We’ve seen great progress with his new training and this boy is over-the top-smart! He quickly mastered basic obedience commands and has been transformed into a wonderful walking partner.


Angela was brought to our door in some pretty major distress. This pregnant mama cat was barely more than a kitten herself and she was ready to have her kittens at any moment. The person that found her outside was desperate to find a place for her and we of course took her in and whisked her immediately to one of our foster homes. In less than 48 hours, Angela gave birth to 7 healthy kittens in a safe, warm, and experienced foster home environment. Mama Angela and the kittens – Asher, Aidan, Ada, August, Aster, Aspen, and Aretha – are all thriving. We rescued 1 and saved 8!


This month also brought us the adorable and courageous Laurel. This kitten was brought to us with a terrible injury to her leg and was immediately rushed to our vet. Severely dehydrated, covered in fleas, and unable to walk, she would have never made it on her own outside. After thorough evaluation and consideration of all options, our vet and volunteers determined that due to the severity of her injuries, Laurel would do best with her leg removed. Laurel is back at the shelter and is doing incredibly well! Fortunately kittens heal quickly, especially when they are surrounded by volunteers that are spoiling them ALL day long (that is no exaggeration!).


Jem came to us from a rural Ohio shelter that is often full to overflowing. Jem was picked up as a stray on a county road and was not claimed. He’s a very friendly and curious boy who loves people and other dogs. Jem is not quite sure about being on a leash, but he loves to walk so he’s catching on to this new experience.

We think Jem is a German Shepherd mixed with something smaller; he has black spots on his tongue, and when he’s happy his tail curls up over his back. He’s a happy boy just waiting for a family to love!


Say hello to the adorable and incredibly brave Miss Lucky! If ever a cat earned their name, it is this kitten (although ask us some time about how Lucky in room 10 got his name).

Miss Lucky was desperate and alone on the streets and was literally hours from death. One of our volunteers found her and thank goodness she offered to foster her and give the round-the-clock specialized care Miss Lucky needed to survive. She was starving, severely dehydrated, and had a horrible eye infection.

The before and after pictures are a testament to the strength and fortitude of this kitten and the incredible resolve of her foster mom to give this special kitten a chance at life. Miss Lucky is quite the charmer and we can’t wait for you to meet her!


Adorable little Evie came to STAF recently from a rural county shelter. She had been left in the drop pen of that shelter with a dirty pillowcase and a bag of puppy food, but there was no other information provided. As is the case with so many dogs that come from county shelters, we start with a clean slate.

Evie is a bit shy at first, but once she warms up she is very playful and spunky! She’s good with other dogs and cats and is quickly making new friends at STAF. She is 8 months old, weighs just 8 pounds, and looks like a Schnauzer/Terrier mix. We don’t know her history or why she ended up in that shelter drop pen, but we’re enjoying getting to know her and we look forward to helping her find a wonderful forever family!


Walter was an outdoor cat that was fending for himself with some help from a number of humans in the neighborhood. When he was found lying down and unable to stand up, one of those humans rushed him to the emergency vet. STAF was soon called to help out due to the seriousness and urgency of Walter’s medical needs. We were happy to help and we are so glad Walter is now getting the best care possible with us.

Walter has gained 1-1/2 pounds since his arrival! We are confident we can manage Walter’s medical needs and we look forward to the day he is ready for the next positive step in his journey – adoption to a forever home!


This beautiful pair came in together. We’re not sure if they are related, but they are certainly very bonded to each other.

STAF helps a number of rescue groups who pull dogs from bad situations, or county shelters, where the dogs have little to no chance of getting out alive. Robin and Joker started out as rescues in Alabama in January 2017, then Tennessee, then Kentucky. A rescue was supposed to take them last summer, but backed out, and the boys were put into boarding care. Big hounds are often discarded by hunters if they do not do well in the field.

STAF reached out to help, because it seemed that the boys had no future, and no one was interested. Both of these boys are sweet-natured; but life in a shelter can be stressful, and Joker is not settling in as well as Robin. For that reason, we have them together in a quiet room. And, as if their harrowing journey was not enough, we were devastated to find out that both tested positive for Heartworm. STAF volunteers are working around the clock to make sure these boys come through this and enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life together.


During the bone-chilling early days of January, we got a call about a cat in serious trouble in a yard in a Cincinnati suburb. One of our volunteers, who knew the area as she was doing

TNR work there, rushed to see what she could do as the caller thought the cat had already died due to exposure. Thankfully, Grayson had the strength to hang on as she transported him to our vet for the medical care that saved his life. After two days of intensive care at our vet, Grayson came to STAF for his daily (and many extra) doses of extreme love from our volunteers!

We are so relieved that Grayson has turned the corner in a major way! He seeks attention, loves to make biscuits, and is eating up a storm. Which is a little surprising after our vet advised he has severe dental disease. Next step for Grayson is a trip to the kitty dentist as soon as he is well enough for surgery. Then…. Hello, Forever Home!


Giles is a very interesting and unusual mix. We think he may be a combination of Great Dane, St. Bernard, Collie and Boxer. He is around 18 months old and 73 lbs. Giles was in danger at a full pound, and especially as a larger dog his chances for adoption were slim and Giles was on the list. STAF knew we needed to help this guy, so we stepped in to give him the best chance possible at finding his forever home.

Giles is around 18 months and at 73 lbs he is a big and happy boy! He is a very friendly, loves to give hugs and never says no to playtime. He gets along well with other dogs and also does well in the car. Giles just might be that dog co-pilot who takes that cross-country car trip you’ve been dreaming about!

Giles is a clever boy- he even knows how to sit and give his paw. One look into his stunning blue eyes is sure to melt your heart, and we can’t blame you! Come on by to fall for his baby blues and friendly personality.


Addy is a gorgeous red-brown hound mix (probably Redbone Coonhound and Bloodhound.) This lovely girl has some of the longest velvety ears we’ve ever seen! She turned up at a high kill county pound and unfortunately we have very little background information on her. She came to STAF at an emaciated 43 lbs., but we are very happy to say that she is already starting to gain back some healthy weight.

Addy is a big puppy, about a year old. She is lively, talkative, and has a great deal of energy; she is also very sweet and curious. Addy loves any and all human interaction and prefers spending time in the company of her peeps – she just wants to give and receive love!


Miki, a three-year-old American Eskimo mix, came to STAF by way of a rural county shelter. This gorgeous little man had been dumped in a drop box with no indication of his history. He was scared, absolutely filthy, and had an untreated wound on his face.

As soon as he arrived at STAF, the clumps of matted hair had to be cut away, and Miki was lovingly given the bath he desperately needed. A couple of vet visits were in order, and we are happy to say Miki is healing well.

Next on his agenda – a professional grooming to improve his already good looks and a neuter so he will be ready for his forever home. We know our sweet Miki is going to live a joyful life!


Toni was desperate and living on the streets when she was spotted by one of our volunteers. It was clear Toni was in serious trouble. She immediately went to our vet where she was estimated to be nine months old and severely underweight.

Little Toni had fleas, ear mites, some very painful teeth, and both nasal and ear polyps. To say she needed our help is a huge understatement. Toni had successful dental and polyp surgery last month and she is recovering well and gaining some much needed weight.

Our special Care Corps team is helping to socialize Toni as she isn’t quite ready to trust us. We are thankful she is starting to realize her future is bright and her past is far behind her. We hope Toni will soon be ready for adoption!


Sweet Tugger made his way to STAF after being left in a county shelter drop pen. Tugger is a Foxhound mix and around 2 years old. The folks at the previous shelter told us that Tugger is “very lovable, very friendly, loves people and belly rubs!” Well we have to agree, since arriving at STAF, that’s exactly what we have seen with Mr. Tugger. Such a wonderful dog!  

Tugger cherishes his long walks with the STAF volunteers. Being a Foxhound, he is joyful on walks and happily takes in what we may take for granted; every new smell and every new sight is a gift to Tugger. We can also see that he appreciates being at STAF, you can see the “thank you” in his eyes.


The “H” kittens came to STAF in pretty poor shape. They were living with many other cats and weren’t able to get the medical attention they so desperately needed. They had fleas, worms, eye infections, and fevers. All shied away from affection having never known the gentle hand of a human. There are 5 kittens from at least 2 litters, ranging in size from just 14 ounces to nearly 4 pounds. From what we know, the “mom” may or may not be the actual mother of any of them. But they’re an adorably bonded little family nonetheless.

Their chances would have been grim at a kill shelter. Sickly and scared are not a good combination when space and funds are limited. But in just a week, most of their eyes are getting better. Feather toys, canned food and lots of determination are helping them learn to trust people. They still have a long way to go, but now they’re on the path to success.


Little Harvey (just around 20 lbs.) was found as a stray. The Good Samaritan who found Harvey searched high and low to find his home but sadly no one was looking for him. Well, we at STAF are happy to have Harvey join us, and it is now our mission to find this little guy his home of a lifetime.

Harvey is very fortunate that he has a STAF volunteer that takes him for regular visits to her home where he can get a little R&R, but more importantly burn off some of the Rat Terrier energy playing with the volunteer’s lab mix. Let’s just say this boy LOVES to play! Harvey has quite a few admirers at STAF and a volunteer that says Harvey is a great running partner. Harvey does great with other dogs and truly loves having a buddy (whether it is human or canine!) for playtime, running, bonding or napping. Harvey enjoys them all! Harvey’s estimated birth date is October 2015.


The team at STAF is thrilled to have had the opportunity to say “yes!” to Gaby, one of our newest special needs residents. Gaby was an outdoor cat who suddenly appeared in a local neighborhood a few months back. A wonderful group of neighbors were caring for her, and had taken her to the vet on several occasions.  Having recently noticed a change in her behavior, they scheduled another one of those vet visits and were told she was losing her eyesight – at the young age of three.

Lucky for Gaby, one of those caring neighbors was familiar with STAF and our penchant for helping special needs animals. We immediately agreed to take her in and give her the medical care she needed, whatever that may be. She has since been to our vet and was given a clean bill of health, and referred to see an eye specialist to see if there was anything to be done to improve her sight.  The eye specialist visit ended in a further referral to a neurologist – an appointment which is coming up soon.

While all of our fingers and paws are crossed for a treatable diagnosis, Gaby can feel safe either way, knowing that we will be honored to provide her a home at STAF. If Gaby’s vision loss cannot be reversed, we know that she will be a fantastic new addition to our blind kitty haven, Wonderland – named for Stevie Wonder and home to many Wonder-ful vision impaired cats over the years.  Please join us in extending a warm, furry welcome to Gaby, we are so happy to provide this sweet girl with everything she needs!