Jem came to us from a rural Ohio shelter that is often full to overflowing. Jem was picked up as a stray on a county road and was not claimed. He’s a very friendly and curious boy who loves people and other dogs. Jem is not quite sure about being on a leash, but he loves to walk so he’s catching on to this new experience.

We think Jem is a German Shepherd mixed with something smaller; he has black spots on his tongue, and when he’s happy his tail curls up over his back. He’s a happy boy just waiting for a family to love!


Say hello to the adorable and incredibly brave Miss Lucky! If ever a cat earned their name, it is this kitten (although ask us some time about how Lucky in room 10 got his name).

Miss Lucky was desperate and alone on the streets and was literally hours from death. One of our volunteers found her and thank goodness she offered to foster her and give the round-the-clock specialized care Miss Lucky needed to survive. She was starving, severely dehydrated, and had a horrible eye infection.

The before and after pictures are a testament to the strength and fortitude of this kitten and the incredible resolve of her foster mom to give this special kitten a chance at life. Miss Lucky is quite the charmer and we can’t wait for you to meet her!


Adorable little Evie came to STAF recently from a rural county shelter. She had been left in the drop pen of that shelter with a dirty pillowcase and a bag of puppy food, but there was no other information provided. As is the case with so many dogs that come from county shelters, we start with a clean slate.

Evie is a bit shy at first, but once she warms up she is very playful and spunky! She’s good with other dogs and cats and is quickly making new friends at STAF. She is 8 months old, weighs just 8 pounds, and looks like a Schnauzer/Terrier mix. We don’t know her history or why she ended up in that shelter drop pen, but we’re enjoying getting to know her and we look forward to helping her find a wonderful forever family!


Walter was an outdoor cat that was fending for himself with some help from a number of humans in the neighborhood. When he was found lying down and unable to stand up, one of those humans rushed him to the emergency vet. STAF was soon called to help out due to the seriousness and urgency of Walter’s medical needs. We were happy to help and we are so glad Walter is now getting the best care possible with us.

Walter has gained 1-1/2 pounds since his arrival! We are confident we can manage Walter’s medical needs and we look forward to the day he is ready for the next positive step in his journey – adoption to a forever home!


This beautiful pair came in together. We’re not sure if they are related, but they are certainly very bonded to each other.

STAF helps a number of rescue groups who pull dogs from bad situations, or county shelters, where the dogs have little to no chance of getting out alive. Robin and Joker started out as rescues in Alabama in January 2017, then Tennessee, then Kentucky. A rescue was supposed to take them last summer, but backed out, and the boys were put into boarding care. Big hounds are often discarded by hunters if they do not do well in the field.

STAF reached out to help, because it seemed that the boys had no future, and no one was interested. Both of these boys are sweet-natured; but life in a shelter can be stressful, and Joker is not settling in as well as Robin. For that reason, we have them together in a quiet room. And, as if their harrowing journey was not enough, we were devastated to find out that both tested positive for Heartworm. STAF volunteers are working around the clock to make sure these boys come through this and enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life together.



During the bone-chilling early days of January, we got a call about a cat in serious trouble in a yard in a Cincinnati suburb. One of our volunteers, who knew the area as she was doing

TNR work there, rushed to see what she could do as the caller thought the cat had already died due to exposure. Thankfully, Grayson had the strength to hang on as she transported him to our vet for the medical care that saved his life. After two days of intensive care at our vet, Grayson came to STAF for his daily (and many extra) doses of extreme love from our volunteers!

We are so relieved that Grayson has turned the corner in a major way! He seeks attention, loves to make biscuits, and is eating up a storm. Which is a little surprising after our vet advised he has severe dental disease. Next step for Grayson is a trip to the kitty dentist as soon as he is well enough for surgery. Then…. Hello, Forever Home!



Giles is a very interesting and unusual mix. We think he may be a combination of Great Dane, St. Bernard, Collie and Boxer. He is around 18 months old and 73 lbs. Giles was in danger at a full pound, and especially as a larger dog his chances for adoption were slim and Giles was on the list. STAF knew we needed to help this guy, so we stepped in to give him the best chance possible at finding his forever home.

Giles is around 18 months and at 73 lbs he is a big and happy boy! He is a very friendly, loves to give hugs and never says no to playtime. He gets along well with other dogs and also does well in the car. Giles just might be that dog co-pilot who takes that cross-country car trip you’ve been dreaming about!

Giles is a clever boy- he even knows how to sit and give his paw. One look into his stunning blue eyes is sure to melt your heart, and we can’t blame you! Come on by to fall for his baby blues and friendly personality.



Addy is a gorgeous red-brown hound mix (probably Redbone Coonhound and Bloodhound.) This lovely girl has some of the longest velvety ears we’ve ever seen! She turned up at a high kill county pound and unfortunately we have very little background information on her. She came to STAF at an emaciated 43 lbs., but we are very happy to say that she is already starting to gain back some healthy weight.

Addy is a big puppy, about a year old. She is lively, talkative, and has a great deal of energy; she is also very sweet and curious. Addy loves any and all human interaction and prefers spending time in the company of her peeps – she just wants to give and receive love!


Miki, a three-year-old American Eskimo mix, came to STAF by way of a rural county shelter. This gorgeous little man had been dumped in a drop box with no indication of his history. He was scared, absolutely filthy, and had an untreated wound on his face.

As soon as he arrived at STAF, the clumps of matted hair had to be cut away, and Miki was lovingly given the bath he desperately needed. A couple of vet visits were in order, and we are happy to say Miki is healing well.

Next on his agenda – a professional grooming to improve his already good looks and a neuter so he will be ready for his forever home. We know our sweet Miki is going to live a joyful life!



Toni was desperate and living on the streets when she was spotted by one of our volunteers. It was clear Toni was in serious trouble. She immediately went to our vet where she was estimated to be nine months old and severely underweight.

Little Toni had fleas, ear mites, some very painful teeth, and both nasal and ear polyps. To say she needed our help is a huge understatement. Toni had successful dental and polyp surgery last month and she is recovering well and gaining some much needed weight.

Our special Care Corps team is helping to socialize Toni as she isn’t quite ready to trust us. We are thankful she is starting to realize her future is bright and her past is far behind her. We hope Toni will soon be ready for adoption!



Sweet Tugger made his way to STAF after being left in a county shelter drop pen. Tugger is a Foxhound mix and around 2 years old. The folks at the previous shelter told us that Tugger is “very lovable, very friendly, loves people and belly rubs!” Well we have to agree, since arriving at STAF, that’s exactly what we have seen with Mr. Tugger. Such a wonderful dog!  

Tugger cherishes his long walks with the STAF volunteers. Being a Foxhound, he is joyful on walks and happily takes in what we may take for granted; every new smell and every new sight is a gift to Tugger. We can also see that he appreciates being at STAF, you can see the “thank you” in his eyes.



The “H” kittens came to STAF in pretty poor shape. They were living with many other cats and weren’t able to get the medical attention they so desperately needed. They had fleas, worms, eye infections, and fevers. All shied away from affection having never known the gentle hand of a human. There are 5 kittens from at least 2 litters, ranging in size from just 14 ounces to nearly 4 pounds. From what we know, the “mom” may or may not be the actual mother of any of them. But they’re an adorably bonded little family nonetheless.

Their chances would have been grim at a kill shelter. Sickly and scared are not a good combination when space and funds are limited. But in just a week, most of their eyes are getting better. Feather toys, canned food and lots of determination are helping them learn to trust people. They still have a long way to go, but now they’re on the path to success.



Little Harvey (just around 20 lbs.) was found as a stray. The Good Samaritan who found Harvey searched high and low to find his home but sadly no one was looking for him.  Well, we at STAF are happy to have Harvey join us, and it is now our mission to find
this little guy his home of a lifetime.

Harvey is very fortunate that he has a STAF volunteer that takes him for regular visits to her home where he can get a little R&R, but more importantly burn off some of the Rat Terrier energy playing with the volunteer’s lab mix. Let’s just say this boy LOVES to play!  Harvey has quite a few admirers at STAF and a volunteer that says Harvey is a great running partner.  Harvey does great with other dogs and truly loves having a buddy (whether it is human or canine!) for playtime, running, bonding or napping. Harvey enjoys them all!Harvey’s estimated birth date is October 2015.


The team at STAF is thrilled to have had the opportunity to say “yes!” to Gaby, one of our newest special needs residents. Gaby was an outdoor cat who suddenly appeared in a local neighborhood a few months back. A wonderful group of neighbors were caring for her, and had taken her to the vet on several occasions.  Having recently noticed a change in her behavior, they scheduled another one of those vet visits and were told she was losing her eyesight – at the young age of three.

Lucky for Gaby, one of those caring neighbors was familiar with STAF and our penchant for helping special needs animals. We immediately agreed to take her in and give her the medical care she needed, whatever that may be. She has since been to our vet and was given a clean bill of health, and referred to see an eye specialist to see if there was anything to be done to improve her sight.  The eye specialist visit ended in a further referral to a neurologist – an appointment which is coming up soon.

While all of our fingers and paws are crossed for a treatable diagnosis, Gaby can feel safe either way, knowing that we will be honored to provide her a home at STAF. If Gaby’s vision loss cannot be reversed, we know that she will be a fantastic new addition to our blind kitty haven, Wonderland – named for Stevie Wonder and home to many Wonder-ful vision impaired cats over the years.  Please join us in extending a warm, furry welcome to Gaby, we are so happy to provide this sweet girl with everything she needs!


This beautiful hound came to us from a rural KY shelter, where she had been taken after being found running on someone’s property. Lucia was severely emaciated and desperately in need of TLC. Despite her sad physical condition, she has such a sweet and gentle disposition. Our incredible volunteers will give this girl all the love and care she’s been lacking – and someday soon a lucky family will welcome her into their home.


Persimmon - CROPPEDBelieve it or not, this bundle of joy was left to fend for herself in an overnight drop pen at a county shelter. Well, we are thrilled to welcome this sweet pup to STAF with open arms and open hearts, and we will we be over the moon when this little pumpkin finds her dream home of a lifetime.

Persimmon is a baby beagle-basset mix with a bubbly beagle-basset personality. She has the distinct basset prance along with an adorable-angel beagle face. She is approximately 6 months old, so she has a little growing to do.



RugbyRugby (his sister, Gwynnie and their mom Bonita) came to STAF when they were rescued from a very dangerous and high kill pound in Kentucky. Both Rugby and Gwynnie are just shy of a year and are utterly gorgeous! They appear to be a lot of Lab, but we do know for certain that they are also part boxer as well, since their mom has one of the best boxer faces going.

Rugby has lots of canine and human buddies alike at STAF.  They are lab-mixes, so as should be expected, they have energy to burn and love to play and play and play.



kittensSTAF was able to spring into action when we got a call that these kittens were found inside the wall of a business – with no mama cat in sight. An employee brought them home from work and we were able to immediately take them.

Very young and in need of medical care, one of our volunteers graciously stepped up to care for them in her home until they were ready to make their way to the famous “Kitten Garden” at STAF!

They have now gotten the medical care they needed, along with a major dose of TLC, and were just spayed and neutered this week.


Ernie #2Please give a warm welcome to Ernie! This very handsome hound mix came to STAF recently when his family could no longer care for him. Ernie is two years old and  78 pounds.

According to his family, he is amazing with children and loves being around them. He is house-trained and crate-trained. He’s playful with other dogs, and loves to meet new people. We’re looking forward to getting to know this sweet boy better and helping him find a loving home!


diegoDiego came to STAF after being dumped at the highest kill pound in the tri-state area. This adoring boy was on “the list” and thankfully STAF swooped in just in the nick of time to bring him to safety.

When he first arrived at STAF he had a very bad skin condition along with an endearing sad-nervous “smile” where he would wrinkle up his lip when you spoke to him. Flash forward just three weeks and Diego’s skin is better and he is coming out of his shell and is a happy-go-lucky, love to play puppy!

Diego looks to be pointer and retriever/lab since he has some serious webbed paws. Diego is currently a student in a basic obedience class where he is getting straight A’s.  He’s quite smart and catches on very quickly!


Please give a warm welcome to Sidney! This gorgeous chocolate girl came to STAF recently from a rural county shelter.

We don’t know her history, but we could tell immediately that Sidney is a very sweet, gentle, smart, and loving girl. She’s about 3 years old and weighs 59 pounds. She has a coat and color similar to a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, with a happy + friendly Lab-like personality. We’re looking forward to getting to know her better as we help her find a wonderful forever family.  


This terrific torti was abandoned by her family and we have no idea why. But after a few weeks Maewith us, there is certainly a lot we do now know! Mae is unbelievably sweet, she enjoys attention from all our volunteers, and is in good health after having a few very painful teeth removed during her recent dental surgery. Our vet thinks Mae is about 9 years old and although we don’t know what happened in the past 9 years of her life, we’re certain we know what her future holds. A loving forever home – either with us at STAF or with you at home! Don’t miss the chance to meet this striking girl – come in today and meet Mae!


Say cheeeese! Our new boy Diggle has an awesome under bite that looks like a perma-smile. This adorable pug/chihuahua mix came to us from a rural county shelter, where he had been left in the drop pen. Diggle is 1 year old and just 13 pounds. He’s a happy, friendly, affectionate little guy with a fun & spunky personality!

Our volunteers have discovered that he loves to snuggle and be held (and we’re happy to oblige – how can you resist that face?!)


19642546_10211916808469979_3934112372855794872222_nAll three were found by a rescuer in Southern KY when she went to pick up a momma dog and puppies. She saw these girls and said she would be back.

They have always lived outside, never given names, had never been to the vet and periodically ran off to chase deer. The girls are hungry, but oh so sweet and happy to be sleeping on blankets, instead of a dirt yard.

We assume they are related..but don’t know how!



One recent Sunday afternoon, a sweet, small dog was brought to our door at STAF, and it was obvious she was in trouble. Little Bailey wasuntitlededited certainly hugely pregnant but also had a broken back leg. We do not, as a rule, accept any dogs (or cats) at the door as we have a waiting list, but this little girl needed help fast, and she had nowhere to go. A volunteer immediately stepped up to foster her, and within days, Bailey was at Med Vet undergoing a C-Section to deliver her puppies. There were complications, as we found out that Bailey not only has a broken femur, but also a broken pelvis, and one of the pups was stuck in the birth canal. Luckily, all 6 of Bailey’s pups survived, and we were stunned to see how big they are! At just 12 lbs, Bailey is being fed high nutrition puppy food, as the pups are growing like weeds, and this tiny momma has to feed them all! Bailey faces more surgery on her leg and pelvis once her pups are weaned; in the meantime she is cozy and safe in the home of an incredibly generous STAF volunteer. Please be on the lookout for our Medical Fund Fundraiser coming soon to help mama Bailey and her little family. 


bONITABonita was left in a miserable county shelter in a very rural area. She was dumped, along with three of her gorgeous 9 month old “pups”, one went to another rescue, STAF brought  in the other two, Gwynnie and Rugby, one day after Bonita.

This lovely girl is about 3 years old, 45 lbs, definitely has a lot of Boxer in her mix, yet her pups look like black Labs!
Bonita, unfortunately is Heartworm positive, so she will be facing two treatments in the near future. Bonita is mellow and calm, absolutely adores attention, and couldn’t be a sweeter dog.


Oh what a happy boy! Even after being dumped in an overnight pen at one of STAF’s county shelter partners with nothing but a short note, lovable Colton loves life and always sees his glass as half full. He is charming and his constant smile is contagious.

This good-natured chap is a yellow-lab mix and right around 10 months old. Colton is very engaging and he hasn’t met a stranger. At a recent STAF event this boy was the center of attention with every dog or person that passed by. And boy does Colton LOVE attention!


FredFred, a white long-haired senior of a young 13, with a black beauty mark at the tip of his nose. Fred came to us after his owner died. He adores tummy rubs and head butts. This gentle and sweet guy has an ongoing but manageable heart condition which requires added care but his looks really do stop traffic!




Greyson was all smiles as he took his freedom ride to STAF recently! This sweet 5 month old, 30 pound pup came to us from a rural county shelter. He looks a bit like a husky and a little like a hound… whatever’s in the mix, it sure is adorable.  We’re looking forward to helping this boy find a fabulous forever home!



Bebe2Darling Bebe at five years old still loves to play and can be quite animated when presented with the right toys. She enjoys stuffed mice, but is most fascinated by movement of light and shadow.

Bebe is somewhat petite and has a splendid black coat that shows off bronze undertones in the right light. She isn’t particularly bonded to any one other cat at the shelter, though she gets along well with all of her feline roommates. Bebe would likely be just as happy in a multi-cat household as she would be as an only cat.


GigiGigi is an adorable mix of maybe Jack Russel Terrier and Beagle…we’re really not sure.  We just love the patch on her eye. From her stay in foster care, we learned that Gigi gets along great with dogs, cats, and kids, and did well while being crated.Gigi LOVES to take long walks with her volunteer friends and all say that Gigi is such a joy on leash. Gigi also loves taking car rides, playing fetch, as well as snuggling on the lap of anyone willing to snuggle.This little munchkin will work hard to keep a smile on your face and we have no doubt that she will tug on your heart strings.



Say hello to adorable Jilly! This one year old, 24 pound cutie pie has a fun & playful personality. She looks like a feist/whippet mix and has the sweetest little nub of a tail. Jilly was surrendered to a rural county shelter before she made her way to STAF. We’re looking forward to helping her find her forever family.



PoconoRescued from a hoarding situation, Pocono was in dire straits. A severe upper respiratory infection and poor teeth from bad nutrition made it painful for him to eat. Sweet and a little sad at the beginning, we were fortunate to have a foster home that gave Pocono the one-on-one medical and loving attention he desperately needed. His road to recovery was slow and the first few weeks were heart wrenching for his foster Mom. Thankfully Pocono began to turn the corner. With proper medical care, lots of good, healthy food and a little dental work, he is thriving! Come and meet this amazing boy whose gorgeous outside now matches his beautiful and gentle inside.



This darling 5 month old, 17 pound small shepherd/terrier mix was left in the drop pen of a rural county shelter… severely underweight, covered in ticks, shy and frightened. We don’t think Trudi has had an easy life, but we are determined to show this little beauty what the good life is all about. Our volunteers are exceptional at providing love and care to animals in need. Welcome to STAF, little one!



MaiaMaia was left to fend for herself in an overnight drop pen at a county shelter. This lovely lady was left alone and from what STAF and our vets could see she had recently had a litter of puppies that were nowhere to be found. We’re certain this caused a lot of stress and desperation for this new mom.

Maia is incredibly sweet-natured and loving, and knows how to sit and give her paw and she loves to please. When Maia left on her freedom ride from the county shelter, she curled up quietly and slept in the passenger seat for most of the ride, and was *wonderful* at the vet (everyone remarked about how sweet and well-behaved she was).

Maia looks to be a shepherd mix, about two years old and is right around 50 pounds. Maia does well with other dogs, has been happy to meet children, and appears to be so very thankful for her new beginnings. You can see it in her eyes. Come in and meet this precious girl!


Esmerelda wEsmereldaas rescued from a hoarding situation when she was a kitten and has grown up to become an elegant cat with a gentle demeanor and an adorable spunky streak. If you enjoy both the therapeutic benefits of stroking a responsive cat and interactive playtime, Esmerelda is your girl!

Her coat is a lovely example of what is called a dilute tortoiseshell; in which the typically bold black and rust colors are replaced with soft tones. Her subtle pattern alternates gray and tan; she has an apricot star on her forehead. Esmerelda will make a wonderful companion, so come in to meet her!


Who can resist that smile? Finnegan, a healthy 3-year-old Beagle/Basset mix, somehow found himself in a drop pen at a high kill shelter. Fortunately STAF is frequently able to pull dogs from these situations and save them from euthanasia. Since arriving at STAF, Finnegan has not stopped smiling and has an amazing pep to his step during his frequent walks. He is a volunteer favorite and we are thrilled to have the chance to shower him with love and affection until he finds his forever home. With his sunny disposition, we know it won’t take long for that to happen!


Wendy & KittensLuckily for Wendy and her 6 kittens they are all now safe in their STAF foster home. We found them during a large Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project at a trailer park with 40 roaming cats. (Spay/Neuter is a critical part of the outreach STAF does in the community.) The owners of this mom and her kittens said they needed to “get rid” of this precious family. Wendy was so malnourished she didn’t have enough milk to feed her babies. But we now have them placed in a loving foster home where Wendy is getting the nutrition she needs and the babies are thriving with bottle feedings.


Meet Bingo. On February 28th, an emergency call for help went out to dozens of rescue groups who regularly help dogs caught up in “kill-shelters” in rural counties. A young hound had been brought in, late in the day, and he was suffering from a deeply embedded collar on the underside of his neck. Miserable and in pain, he had to stay in that shelter overnight, as it was too late to Bingofind rescue and the shelter was closing.

STAF immediately stepped up to make sure this dog received the care he needed. The next morning, Bingo was transported to a wonderful small clinic in Georgetown, KY, where the collar was gently removed, and Bingo was given antibiotics to combat the infection that the collar had caused. A week later, Bingo was able to have surgery to repair the laceration, plus he had a rather lengthy neuter operation as he was Cryptorchid, and by March 10th, Bingo was ready to travel to STAF.

Bingo is a 2-year-old male Coonhound who is loving, sweet, and adores attention. This sweetheart has forgotten about the pain he was in a few weeks ago, forgotten about the collar embedded in his neck, forgotten that he wasn’t loved … and is ready to forgive humans and start all over again. On his first afternoon at STAF, he had at least six volunteers go into his room to sit and hug him, brush him, and tell him he is already much loved. Welcome to STAF, little man.



Say Hi to Erika. Earlierunnamed copy this year, Erika was found wandering around outside a church on the east side of town. It’s clear a higher power was watching over her as Erika is a senior kitty with renal disease, arthritis, and is blind. How she was managing outside is nothing short of a miracle. Thankfully, her rescuer took Erika to their vet and she received the medical attention she needed. For the next few weeks, the vet tried to locate the family via Facebook posts and one of our volunteers brought Erika to our attention. When the family did not come forward, and the vet’s office could not find an adoptive home, we offered to give this sweet, petite lady a home.

At STAF we have a special room, lovingly called Wonderland (after Stevie Wonder), where our rescued blind cats receive the love and specialized care they need. In the last six months we have adopted three of our Wonderland cats to fabulous forever homes which gives us plenty of space for our little Erika. After getting the medical care she needs, Erika will share the room with Valentina and Binky, two of our current Wonderland residents. We know it’s just a matter of time before all of them find their fabulous forever homes.


iorekSay Hi to Iorek. Our sweet Iorek, pronounced (your-ek) came to us as an owner surrender. His owner had taken a new job where he traveled often but found a foster and paid them a monthly amount to care for Iorek. Unfortunately Iorek was neglected. When his owner heard Iorek was not being cared for, he asked STAF to take this sweet 7 1/2-year-old Great Pyrenees mix and find him a new home.

Upon arrival at STAF, Iorek was covered in fleas and very thin – he was a sad pup. Countless STAF volunteers immediately showered him with love and attention. With his past a receding memory, today Iorek is doing great! If we didn’t know his age, we’d swear he was a puppy – he’s always happy now and loves to play! Iorek loves every dog and person he meets. This guy is a volunteer favorite and is ready to find his forever home. We are certain only blue skies and happy tails are in his future!


ChanceMeet Chance. In January, we welcomed Chance into the loving arms of STAF. Thank goodness we got a call from a young woman who found him severely inju
red, unable to walk, and pulling himself around her neighborhood. The thought of what he went through is too heartbreaking to consider. Upon his arrival he was immediately rushed to our vet for the emergency medical care he desperately needed. Through the initial exam and treatment, Chance remained calm, loving, and accepting of all the care he was given.

Initially we thought Chance had been hit by a car, thus causing his paralysis, but upon closer examination he has a horrific wound along his spine. At this point we’re not sure if his paralysis is permanent or if the proper care and rehabilitation will allow feeling and movement to return to his back legs. Either way, we have incredibly patient, skilled, and loving volunteers to ensure he receives everything he needs including daily doses of epic pampering.

In just a few short weeks, he’s starting to move around a little more and will sit up looking for attention when you visit him. Give him a chin rub and you can hear his purr across the room! We’re so glad we have him – this gentle boy is getting stronger every day he’s here!

Dora photo

Dora came to us from another shelter where she had no future and no hope of being adopted. Dora suffered some type of back injury when she was younger that gives her a slight ‘bobble’ type movement when she walks.  Her back ends sways from side to side as she makes her way toward you and she sometimes dribbles a little urine along the way. (Hey it happens to the best of us!) In Dora’s case it was keeping her from finding a forever home and we are so glad we could help this gentle girl with a special need.

From the day she arrived, Dora has brightened our lives. She’s adorable, extremely friendly, has more of a chirp rather than a meow, and loves people.  Can you imagine starting each day seeing this sweet face?  We are so lucky to have her with us!


CameoTwo more sweeties rescued from rural KY today.  Eli was found as a stray, trying to get into a school… he’s just under 2 years old and an absolute dreamboat.  Enjoyed the ride home with him so much!  Little Cameo, just 20 lbs, is also about 2 years old and she was dropped off by her owners, with no explanation.  Unfortunately she is heartworm positive…  Our fourth heartworm positive dog in just 3 months.  A simple monthly pill would prevent this awful illness and painful treatment.  Please give a warm STAF welcome these babies… we’ll look after you now.


Just before Halloween, a woman in a trailer park looked out her window and saw a small, black kitten dragging his hind leg, trying to move to a hiding place.  As she approached him, it was obvious he had a severe injury, but he was also terrified, looking wild-eyed back and forth from her to his hiding place under a trailer, and frantically trying to reach cover.  Knowing the little guy was in serious trouble, she called a STAF volunteer for some help and the two animal lovers were able to humanely trap the frightened kitten. 

The kitten, now named Boo, arrived at the vet severely emaciated, with lots of parasites, and a badly broken back leg.  Initially it appeared the leg may need to be amputated, and regardless of the outcome with the limb, he would need several weeks of care, medication, and rest.  The volunteer took the little man home as a foster cat and went to work.  

Little Boo arrived at the shelter about a month later with a good prognosis – his leg was healing and could be saved!  He had gained some weight and had started to grow again, but was still extremely fearful.  All anyone could see of him were two bright gold eyes peering out from under a bed, and he was too nervous to allow handling.  Now he needed the STAF Kitty-Caregiver magic to help him realize there’s good and kind in the world, with the right people at your side!  It didn’t take long before Boo got the message.

Today Boo loves to play ball, chase tails, and rough-n-tumble like a kitten should!  He never cowers from a back scratch and with a little encouragement will roll over for a belly rub.  But what really starts his purring engine is a good long cuddle on a warm lap and maybe a few chin scratches for good measure.  What a love bug he has become with a little patience, care, and attention!  Boo is all set to find his forever home.  His leg has healed well, he loves other cats, and he’s the best lap warmer we have!  Stop in to meet him soon!


This beautiful girl came to us at just under a year old.  Katie was found by a volunteer in a trap, hugely pregnant and very frightened.  What  was odd was that she also was in a lot of pain, crying out whenever touched or moved. Our vet determined poor Katie had badly infected mammary glands.  The infection was so severe, Katie was not only in extreme pain and in mortal danger, but also unable to feed her newly born kittens. After a surgery to remove one of the glands, a month of medical care, and the help of a “foster mama” for the babies, the whole family come through with flying colors!  With all her little ones now adopted, Katie is ready to find her forever home!

As you can see, Katie is exquisitely beautiful with a coat of deep mahogany brown and topaz.  She’s not the least bit shy, meeting your gaze with her bright gold eyes.  She’s on the petite side and just a bit rounded in all the right places!  Perfect for cuddling! In addition to being an excellent listener, Katie is also spunky, curious, attentive, and playful.  She’s right at home with other cats, but would also be the perfect one-n-only.  You couldn’t ask for a better fit!


Alice was dumped outside the shelter in Oct-2015.  She was skinny, starving, and had an injury to a rear leg.  She’s on the mend now.  She loves to be held – truly a sweet girl.




Trinket is the only surviving kitten of a litter of 8.  Her mother had no milk and  one-by-one the little ones passed.   The last  kitten arrived at a bit over 3 weeks old, but weighed only a  boney 5 ounces.  She’s a pixie, but she’s  also a fighter!  She has required special food and  medical care, but we know she’s going to be worth the effort!

Ernie and EllieEllie & Ernie

These all-stars are definitely meant to be catchers, as they have a few extra toes on their paws!  Ellie & Ernie arrived just before the all-star break from a rural county shelter where they were literally minutes away from euthanasia.  They came in with their 10-month-old mother.  They were all terribly malnourished, thin, and filled with just about every parasite we know of.  They were terribly weak for the first several days, but with a little medical care and the STAF Special Combo of love, cuddling, and intensive care, they’re ready to play ball!



Ripley is a beautiful young tuxedo cat who came in with a horrific injury to his tail.  The appendage was still attached, but just barely.  Something had badly shredded the tail, leaving it barely hanging on and filled with infection and “creepy crawlies”.   He was in quite a bit of pain and had trouble standing, but what immediately happy to have some care.  He needed emergency surgery to have the tail removed and his back end rebuilt, and fortunately we were able to get him there in time. He’s now recovering, even standing, and we hope he’ll be running and playing soon!



This sweet boy arrived on Monday.  He had been found struggling to get across a busy road on his 3 legs.  (Yes, a tripod.)  Cars swerved and honked, but no one stopped.  Finally, when he reached the other side, he stopped and just lay down on the white line, completely exhausted. Someone in a nearby business who had seen the cat’s ordeal finally picked him up and took him to a vet’s office, but asked that he be put down, then left.  Fortunately a STAF volunteer was one of the technicians and asked if the shelter could give him another option.

We found a spot for Nikon and he arrived thin, weak, and looking like he had lost his last friend – but the complete opposite was true.  He could barely stand, struggling to balance, but he inhaled the first plate of food and arched his neck for a good rub.  The purr-fest started and it hasn’t stopped since!
This sweet boy is wonderful and so happy to have some hope!  Aren’t we the luckiest to be able to give him some?  Make sure you stop into meet him – you’ll love the reception you get!


Terrence is a big boy who has lived a rough few years as a Dayton street cat. When he first arrived, we weren’t sure he could see. His eyes were closed with infection, but we see that all the time – a quick clean up and some medication generally gets the job done. But Terrence was different – as we gently worked the crust, dirt, and infection away from his eyes, it became obvious that his eyelids turned inward so the fur rubbed against the actual eyes – ouch! It’s amazing he made it even a few years on his own with the constant discomfort and lack of clear sight.

Luckily he has a new sunny outlook on life! He’s happy to be with us and we’re thrilled to have him. He’s particularly enthralled with his first bed and that food just magically “shows up”. Most of his teeth are broken off, so he thinks canned food is the best thing ever, inhaling it before the plate hits the floor. If he’s this happy now, imagine his joy once we get his teeth and eyes taken care of – he’ll really be livin large!

Whoever gives this amazing boy his forever home will definitely have a rescue to be proud of!


“He’s Magnificent!” That was one volunteer’s reaction last night on meeting Phineas for the first time. And she’s right!  Phineas came in from our FIV waiting list. Unfortunately, he got a little knock on the head while waiting to come into the shelter so his head is shaved, but he’s still an impressive boy. (Besides, he probably got the injury during some superhero rescue mission!)

This boy is awesome! He’s big, he’s dark, he purrs like Barry White, and if you combined Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and Channing Tatum, Phineas would be even cooler than the whole package!


This sweet, sad girl just breaks your heart.  Sasha was put out of her home in an apartment complex when her family moved away, leaving her behind in the dead of winter.  She’s so confused and forlorn.  She didn’t handle colony life well, being undernourished, having two deep cuts in her back, and carrying every parasite imaginable, from fleas to ear mites to worms. No one should feel so hurt and uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know what to think of her new surroundings yet, cowering when we try to pet her, keeping her eyes and head down.  But we’re going to put the STAF Cat Volunteer machine to work with some serious TLC!  We’re determined to let her know she’s special, loved and wanted; that it’s ok to trust; and that life is going to get so much better!


Meet our new and very sexy boy, Valentino!  He came in today after a volunteer’s son found him, looking like he might not get through the cold night. He followed the man, even jumping into his car. All attempts to remove him resulted in very pitiful cries and a general loss of will to live. How do you leave someone like that in the snow on a 10-degree morning?

He’s just over 7 pounds, but looks like he should tip the scales around 10 to 12 pounds. His coat is dirty and a bit matted, but underneath it all, he’s obviously a beautiful boy. He’s a flame point oriental mix, already neutered, with the prettiest crystal-blue eyes. He looks a bit confused, but is eating like there’s no tomorrow and loves having his neck scratched. Looks and purrsonality! What a package!


This unique and wonderful boy is Abraham who arrived at the shelter only 3 days ago from a homeless colony. He’s had a tough life – his coat is rough and yellowed, his paw pads are flat and chapped, he has a painful hole in roof of his mouth, and several of his teeth are missing which makes his tongue hang out. It’s next to impossible for him to eat, but he tries so hard anyway.

He seems thrilled to be with us, rolling and purring with the smallest amount of attention, even softly humming as he sleeps. We’re so grateful to get him in before the bitter cold hit and have some options to help him out. He’ll have surgery on Tuesday to try to fix the hole in his mouth and give him the comfort he deserves.

Stop in to meet this sweet old soul during our adoption hours – Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30pm and Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm. He’ll make you feel so good about the difference you make!


My name is Newman, and only 3 weeks ago, I had given up.  I was homeless, cold, hungry, and sick.  I was so weak, I couldn’t even look for food anymore or hide myself.  As I lay in an alleyway next to a bar, the temperature far below freezing, a miracle happened.  A STAF volunteer saw me lying there, realized I was still barely alive, and rushed me to the shelter for help.

I needed emergency care and I heard people saying it didn’t look good.  I couldn’t even stand, but at least I was warm.  At least I was safe.  At least someone cared.

As the days passed, volunteers would visit me at the hospital and tell me how happy they were to have me.  They let me know I was loved and they wanted me to live, and that’s what gave me the strength to turn the corner.

Today I still need medical care, but I feel so much better.  I’ve gained two pounds, and I think most of it is in my heart since I purr whenever someone speaks to or touches me.  I’m so grateful that on the day I was found, STAF and their supporters found room for Just One More and that it was me.


My name is Scarlett and I arrived at STAF just 14 days ago.  That may not sound like a long time, but for me, it’s half my life.  And 14 days ago, my life was almost over.  I had fallen from a loft onto a barn floor.  Most kittens would just scurry away or hide until their mom came back, but I couldn’t do that.  I’m a special kitten in that I bobble when I move which makes simple things like running, eating, and protecting myself a challenge.  So, I was in pretty big trouble, lying there on the barn floor in the frigid cold, my time almost up.  Luckily a horse vet came along and realized I needed some help, not just at that moment, but real help – help beyond today.  I needed a safe place to stay; I needed care while I learn to eat and move with my disability; I needed people who would care for me with patience and understanding; I needed a chance at a home.  So she brought me to STAF where I have all these things.

My life didn’t end that day because STAF and their supporters found a way to help Just One More – that day it was me.

Hero (2)

Hero (Soon to be Super-Hero!)

We’re glad we can see this sweet little boy’s eyes looking back at us now. That wasn’t the case when a volunteer found a tiny 5-week-old kitten lying on the edge of a city street. He was terribly thin, unable to walk, and blind as his eyes were covered with dirt and infection. Thank God she realized he was alive and chose to rescue him!

The little man arrived at the shelter on 9/11. “Hero” was the perfect name – he’s the bravest little soul.

After a few weeks of medical care and some serious volunteer cuddling, Hero is up on his feet, building some muscle, and quickly turning into “Super-Hero”! He’s leaping tall water dishes in a single bound, defeating the most fearsome of mousey toys, and generally defending justice and the American Way. Best of all, his beautiful eyes are wide open and looking forward to a wonderful life.

Hero will be ready for adoption by mid-October, but he’d love to meet some new friends right away. Stop by some Saturday afternoon for a visit!

Madeline (2)Madeline

Little Madeline didn’t exactly arrive in style. She came to us in a filthy carrier – feathers, dirt, excrement, and something sticky inside and out. She was covered in fleas and missing large patches of fur. Every bone in her back, hips and ribs protruded under her skin. She was declawed on all four feet. Wherever she was, not only had she had no care, she couldn’t even defend herself.

At first Madeline seemed defeated. She didn’t growl or even try to pull away. She only kept her eyes down and lay very still. When we put food in front of her she inhaled it as quickly as possible, then immediately put her head back down, as if she had done something wrong. The poor thing – what could have happened to her? She needed to know someone cared, so the STAF Feline Pampering Crew went to work!

We fussed, we fed, we cooed, we cuddled, we brushed. We gave her the plushest bed and her very own Zoom Groom (aka, every cat’s favorite massage tool). We told her how beautiful she is and finally, she began to believe us.

Madeline is now the star of the show and loves to show appreciation. When anyone approaches, she’s on her feet – her back feet that is, because her front ones are giving you a hug. She nuzzles your chin, she purrs, and most of all she looks you right in the eye and tells you that you mean the world to her. She’s absolutely amazing.

Madeline may not have arrived in style, but when her wonderful home comes along, we’ll make sure she leaves like a queen!


Most of us can’t imagine being displaced from our home and family. We’ll never know the confusion, hurt, and fear of losing everything we know and love. But in the shelter world, we see it happen to dogs and cats every day. Our beautiful Austin is just such a case.

Austin and his siblings belonged to a wonderful elderly lady. She took good care of him, fed him, took him to the vet, kept him safe, and loved him as part of her family – her cats were everything to her. He gave his person all his love and affection in return. He was in the perfect home. But the woman became ill, hospitalized, and unfortunately never returned home. Her human family, mistakenly thinking cats are the one domesticated species that need no care, turned them out. In an instant, Austin went from being a beloved family member to a homeless “stray”.

A neighbor, realizing what had happened to her friend’s cats did all she could to round them up before they were lost or harmed. She found Austin a bit too late, badly wounded, with a gash across his throat. The cost of his medical care, along with taking in the other cats, was more than she could handle, and she asked for our help.

Austin arrived a bit shell shocked, frightened of the pain of his wound, the new place, and so many new people and animals. He growled and hissed in fear his first day, but we knew he only needed time, patience, and some understanding. Sure enough, in a few days, he was eating and allowing us to clean around him. A few days later, he was purring and letting us handle him. Now, he’s greeting us and asking for attention. His wound is healing well, and Austin is turning back into the big, confident, impressive cat he once was! Now he needs a person or family to share his love and attention.

If you’re looking for a great guy that’s meant to be a family man, here he is! Stop in to meet this wonderful boy soon!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe recently got a call from a Kroger store, where employees could hear a small kitten crying from under a huge dumpster on a track. Looking underneath, they saw the kitten appeared to have no eyes and wondered if he’d been injured. As they spent time talking to the tiny blind creature, trying to coax him out, they found he wasn’t alone – his young mother and four siblings were all living there along with plenty of flies and filth. No cat should have to live this way.

The mother was obviously young, maybe 10 months old, extremely thin, and with a severe bleeding infection in one ear, but doing her best to keep her tiny family safe and fed. She seemed to want help, coming out from under the dumpster when volunteers spoke to her, but careful to stay just barely out of reach. It was a challenge working around the smell, the confined space, the flies, and the general slime, but we were determined to help this little family find a better home and care than a trash bin could provide. We were able to catch mama and all five of her kittens, and bring them into the shelter.

Once we had them in and safe, we realized what an amazing job our mama-cat, Duchess, had done given her circumstances, her young age, and the pain from her ear. Although they all had fleas and worms, her kittens, even her little blind boy, Chief, were well-fed. She had given them all she had at the expense of her own health.

Now we’ve had the family for almost four weeks and they’re doing great! Duchess has had a large growth removed from her right ear and antibiotics to clear up the infection. She’s eating like a champ and feeding her little guys in safety and comfort. Little Chief is in fact completely blind. Once we clear up the infection where his eyes were, he’ll need surgery, but is otherwise expected to have a long, healthy life. The other kittens are all that kittens should be at seven weeks old – playful, chubby, purring, and safe. We’re so grateful we could give them a chance at homes and long, healthy lives!


Look at this doll baby!  We got a call from an awesome, but small county shelter in rural Indiana. They said earlier in the week they’d been contacted about a very thin cat, “bumping around” a McDonald’s drive-thru. They feared she had been hit by a car or had some neurological condition, and she wouldn’t survive as a colony cat, so they went to pick her up.

When they arrived, sure enough, there was a small orange, skinny-as-a-stick cat, wandering about, sniffing the ground, and bumping into just about everything. The poor girl had no eyes! They scooped her up and brought her back to their shelter – we’re told she purred her thanks all the way.

The cause of her blindness appeared to be a birth defect – the eyes just never formed. They wondered how she could have survived even a few months on the street, but since she did, it seemed unfair to end her life, but at the same time, didn’t have the space or funding for her care. They asked if we could lend a hand to give her a chance at a life. This is a tough time of year, the middle of kitten season, but how could we not at least try!

Buttercup arrived earlier this week and is the star of the show – we love her! She’s amazingly trusting and loving. She seems to be learning constantly, sniffing everything (including the people holding her), exploring her surroundings, and eating up a storm. You think you have a few challenges in your life and you see an animal like this special girl – she’s such an inspiration, just watching her, you feel like you can accomplish anything! We’re thrilled to be able to help her start a new life, and grateful for all she’s showing us.

What a blessing! Once we get a little weight on her and some vaccines on board, she’ll be ready to meet and greet. Please ask to say hi at our next Brush-n-Fluff, Sunday, September 7, 1pm-3pm. If you’d like to meet our other INCREDIBLE blind girls, ask about a visit to Wonderland. It’s so much fun! See you then!  

MaleaMalea – A Voluptuous Beauty!

How in the world can someone abandon a pet who has loved and trusted them? Not just leave them, but truly abandon them? No home, no food, no water, no shelter, no care, no love, no protection – nothing. That’s what happened to Malea. When her family moved from their apartment, they set her in the parking lot and drove away. This sweet, loving, declawed cat sat in fear and confusion, not even knowing how or where to go to keep herself safe.

After several days, someone picked her up and took her to a county shelter. She went to the top of the euthanasia list because she was shy, chubby, and unlikely to be adopted. Can you imagine? The county shelter, in trying to prevent as many euthanasia’s as possible, was willing to release her and we were lucky to have a spot for her at STAF.

What a doll she has turned out to be! She’s a beautiful front declawed calico with lovely mint-green eyes. She’s a purr-bunny with a gentle, trusting demeanor who loves to be brushed. She is a bit voluptuous, but it only adds to her beauty and uniqueness. We’re certain her original family must have been short on brain cells, because this girl is fabulous! We’re going to do all we can to ensure her next home is as wonderful as she is!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


This little one was found by a woman walking by an abandoned house on her way home from the store on Saturday night. She could hear a kitten crying and when she peaked in a partially open window, there was a tiny long-haired kitten with her eyes matted shut. At first, the woman thought a mother cat must be close by since the kitten was so young, so she waited away from the house. When she checked back a few hours later, the kitten was still there, still crying, and obviously not going to make it alone. She retrieved the little one and brought her to the shelter.

Elsa arrived bone-thin, dehydrated, and with a large family of fleas. We warmed her, cleaned her, fed her, and she’s responding well, if not with a bit of confusion. It doesn’t appear she has seen many people up till now – as we cuddle and kiss her she gives us the cutest, “what the hell?” looks! But she’s a trooper, accepting our odd appearance and affection with grace and tolerance. Overall, it appears she was rescued in time and is going to be just fine after we get a little weight on her and her eye infection cleared. She’s only 9 ounces, just a few weeks old now, but she appears to have all the markings of a Maine Coon – she’s going to be something pretty special!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe H Boys – Huey, Herbie & Hank…

We can’t say we had any choice in the H boys coming to the shelter – someone unfortunately put the 3 of them in a trap and left them by our dumpster overnight. Not the most responsible decision, but it’s not the kittens’ fault, so we still want to introduce them.

The H Boys arrived earlier this week, as we said, left in a trap by the dumpster. There was no note, so we’re not sure where they came from. There were terrified at first, and a bit of a challenge to safely remove from the trap, but have quickly figured out we’re here to help. All three boys are a bit skinny and have respiratory infections, but they’re healing well, eating like champs, and playing like they mean it with pouncing, crab-walks and all! The boys are around ten weeks old, Herbie and Hank being little black-n-white Oreos, and Huey being the most unique shade of milk chocolate brown we’ve seen in a long time. Cute little men!

RomeoRomeo – Our new loverboy!

Romeo was found this past week pulling himself along the edge of a mall parking lot. His right hind leg had been badly broken, but he was doing his best to find his way to some cover. Luckily an animal lover found him and brought him to the shelter before he wandered into traffic.

Although the breaks are severe enough that the leg can’t be saved, we’re sure Romeo will be a happy, healthy little tripod. As he awaits his surgery (he’s only 5 weeks old, so needs to grow a bit more), he’s having a great time playing and cuddling with anyone who will pick him up. He’s the sweetest little guy with a wonderfully happy outlook on life!

We’ll keep you posted as he gets closer to surgery time. In the meantime, stop into the shelter some Saturday to meet him – he’s a doll!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


Last Thursday morning, a man was in his boat, fishing on East Fork lake, when a truck pulled up to the boat ramp. He watched as another man got out of the truck, walked to the shoreline, threw a taped box into the water, returned to his truck and drove away. The curious fisherman couldn’t imagine what was in the box, so trolled over to have a look. He pulled the box from the water, and opened it to find five cold, soggy, but live kittens. Unbelievable what someone would do rather than just spaying their cat. But, score one for the rescue team!

The kittens arrived at the shelter hungry and with a few fleas, but ready to rebound. They scarfed up their first meal, tolerated a clean up, and curled up for a good long nap. They’re about four weeks old, all weighing about a pound, and absolutely adorable! They have long, skinny legs, goofy sideways hops, and big, round eyes. In honor of their rescuer, they all have nautical names. Their water days are over and once we get a little weight on them, AND have everyone spayed/neutered, they’ll make the perfect additions to a few great families!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund

Calypso-n-ReggaeReggae & Calypso

We didn’t expect these guys, but they definitely needed the help. They lived with an elderly woman in a not-so-good neighborhood. She died recently, and the two cats, only about 10 months old, were literally put on the street. The pair stayed close together, and did what they could to survive. Not knowing that not all people are nice, one of the bad guys got too close to the male and badly mutilated his tail. We agreed to take him into the shelter to get him out of the bad situation he was in.

We didn’t realize he would arrive with his partner, but he did – how could we send her back? But you know what they say about good deeds… it turns out she is very pregnant. More poster cats for spay/neuter campaigns.

The two are recovering from their ordeal and settling in nicely. Reggae, the boy with the injury, is now neutered. The poor little guy sometimes panics at loud noises and too much activity, but if you move slowly and speak softly, he absolutely melts. Calypso, his pretty partner, is a little quicker to trust and loves to have her tubby tummy rubbed. They clean each other, sleep curled together, and are very protective of one another. We’re trying to figure out how we can manage visits as we get closer to baby time. We’ll let you know how the little family does. We’re sure the family portrait will be beautiful!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


ThaddeusThaddeus is one of those poor guys who’s about a year and a half old, but looks like he’s 20. He’s a sweet boy who comes from a colony near the casino, but Lady Luck hasn’t been all too kind to him. He’s skinny for his build, his coat is rough, and several of his teeth are broken. He had one person in his corner though – a colony caregiver who had him neutered to prevent more cats in the area, and who fed him whenever she could.

Over the past month, Thaddeus began showing up for his usual 6am feeding (early, so casino patrons wouldn’t complain), with blood coming from his right ear. His caregiver tried to clean it, but it became obvious the big boy needed more help than that, and it was help she couldn’t afford. Luckily we had a spot for him at the shelter, and were happy to see that for a guy who has grown up on some tough streets, Thaddeus is proving to be quite a cupcake. If a cat can be sheepish, well, that’s Thaddeus! He’s a little nervous about looking someone in the eye, but once he knows his attention is welcome, he gives you a nice head butt and a big puuuurrrrrrr. What a sweetheart!

It turns out Thaddeus has a dime-size growth coming from his ear that’s causing some balance issues and infection. The good news is it’s fixable with surgery and some medication, which we’re hoping to be able to give him with the help of our Medical Fund. Once that’s done, he’ll be all set for a great home!

We hope you can help Lady Luck finally shine on Thaddeus! If you’d like to help, visit our Medical Fund page at And make sure you stop to meet the big boy at Open House on Sunday July 13. When he meets all his new friends, he’ll really know he hit the jackpot!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


EvanEvan was found just this past Saturday.  A man went to his shed for his lawnmower, and lying in the back was a small black cat, looking up at him with pleading in his eyes.  The cat was emaciated, covered in flies, and with large open wounds on his lower back.  He allowed the man to pick him up and bring him to the shelter for help.

Evan was shot, a “through and through”, in his lower back. His wounds were a few days old when he was found and severely infected.  After administering pain medication, our incredible vet spent hours cleaning away infection, parasites, and debris just to stabilize him.  We immediately began fluids and antibiotics to rehydrate him, and right away, he started to eat.  Evan has been a trooper through it all over the past few days, looking up with trust, rubbing his head on gentle hands, and letting us know he appreciates the help.  How do they do it?

Here’s where we are now… Evan is stable and can even stand, but he needs surgery and extensive care to help him heal.  We really want to give him the chance of a life and a forever home, but we need to raise about $2,500 for his hospitalization, medication, and surgery.  If you can help out with a donation for Evan, it would be much appreciated.  You can follow this link to our Medical Fund page, to make a donation online.  (Please include Evan’s name in the “Dedicate This Donation” field, so he knows to send you an update on his progress.)  Or mail/bring a contribution directly to the shelter at STAF, 4011 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227.

If that’s not possible right now, we completely understand, and hope you’ll send him some good thoughts and stop in to see him some Saturday. He’s going to need all the friends and encouragement he can get!  We’ll keep you posted as to his progress.  Donate to STAF’s medical fund

Precious PalomaPrecious Paloma

The other cruelty case we recently took in is Precious Paloma; she was also shot in the back and stepped on.  The bullet is lodged next to her spine causing pain and inflammation.  Paloma, like Evan, is nothing short of amazing.  Despite what she has endured, she’s loving, sweet, trusting, and even a bit playful.  She can’t stand or walk yet, and has a pretty severe urinary tract infection, but she’s young and strong.  She’s eating well, bright eyed, and definitely has a strong will to survive and thrive!  Her prognosis is good if we can get her the help she needs.

Precious Paloma xrayA specialist surgeon has been looking at Paloma’s case and feels the bullet can be removed without causing more damage.  She’ll still have to recover and learn walk again, but with care and patience, it’s possible.  We’d really love to give her that chance!  The cost of her hospitalization, surgery, and medication is estimated to be approximately $2,200.  Please consider a donation to our Medical Fund in Precious Paloma’s name if possible, either online, or through the mail.  (Please include Paloma’s name in the “Dedicate This Donation” field, so she knows to send you an update of her progress.)  If a donation isn’t possible, we absolutely understand, and appreciate your warm wishes for Paloma’s recovery.  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


Let’s just start by saying, yes, Fred is just as magnificent as he looks!  He’s a nice, big, solid white long-hair with gold eyes. This gorgeous boy had a home for some years with a man who loved him. Unfortunately the man passed away and Fred wound up in a county shelter, scheduled for euthanasia, but we were able to find him a spot at STAF.

Fred looks as though he may have been lacking in care for a few months, with a badly matted (and just a bit stinky) coat. He has been trying to pull the mats out with his teeth, so his skin has some bare patches as well. But he’s eating well, and with a wonderfully outgoing personality, seems to be very comfortable and happy in his new surroundings.

With a few good meals in him and a trip to the salon, Fred is going to be ready for a new home in no time! We already know he can roll with the changes without losing his wonderful disposition, so his next family is definitely going to be a lucky one!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


Billy day oneBilly

Billy is nothing short of amazing. Just a few weeks ago he was found lying in the road, unable to move. A rescuer scooped him up and brought him to the shelter in the hopes that something could be done to help. We assumed Billy had a broken back and while we have a few other kitties that have healed from such an injury, Billy didn’t look like he would make it. He was so small, thin, and weak.

We were surprised to find that Billy didn’t actually have any broken bones. What he did have was several badly infected wounds at the base of his tail – the infection had caused a huge patch of skin to peel away leaving raw flesh. He had extreme swelling, pain, and paralysis, and we considered that it might be best to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Billy 1 weekBut Billy quickly let us know he wasn’t finished. His eyes were alert, he responded with a raised chin and purring when anyone talked to him, and he ate voraciously. We decided to give it a day with some pain medication, and see if we could keep his pain at bay and if his body would respond to treatment. We were thrilled at how quickly Billy began to improve! Under that skinny, wounded exterior was the determination of a lion!

Over the past few weeks, Billy has gone from only being able to move his head and front paws, to pulling himself around and turning over, to now beginning to stand on his front paws and back haunches. He’s stronger and healthier every day. We hope the next picture we post of him is of him playing like a kitten, on all 4 feet!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


Patty and familyPatty

Patty was found in a cat colony where a volunteer was doing some TNR work to try to get the homeless population under control. She (Patty, not the volunteer) apparently has somewhat questionable morals and was, well, both friendly and popular.

When found, she was exceedingly pregnant and waddled into the volunteer’s humane trap just in the nick of time. Now, we know this is controversial and a lot of people ask why we would allow her to deliver when there are so many kittens in the world. But, when you are absolutely certain of the kittens, you can see them moving under her belly, what are you going to do? If we wouldn’t kill them the day after they’re born, why would we kill them 24 hours before?

Anyway, in a very short time Patty gave birth to four very plump kittens – we call them the Fatty Patties and they’re adorable! They’ll be ready for their adoption debut in mid-summer and may even make a special appearance at our Summer Open House, July 13.  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


This big boy is SO aptly named! Come into our “vet room” and say to him, “Who’s my Buddy?”, and you get an immediate and very hearty “ROW!” Buddy was left behind in an apartment complex when his family moved away. Since he’s a talkative guy, some stinker neighbors planned to hurt him to scare him away. Unbelievable. Fortunately, he had a few other good-hearted people in his corner who came to his rescue. He had a few minor injuries when he arrived at the shelter, but all seem to be healing nicely. He’s just about ready for adoption and he’ll be the perfect companion for someone who’d like “a Buddy” to talk to!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund


A very kind woman came to our door this week asking for some help. Her teenage son had found a very thin, tired-looking kitten huddled on a tennis court. He wasn’t sure how the kitten had gotten there, but it was obvious he wasn’t safe. He needed food, warmth, and a little care.

Little Nicholas arrived underweight and with a fever, but he absolutely inhaled the first four or five plates of food we gave him. He then rolled around on his back, purring and making “air biscuits” – that continues to be his favorite pastime. With a little time and medical care, and lots of TLC, Nicholas will be ready to resume his kittenhood in no time!  Donate to STAF’s medical fund



Dior”… the name summons thoughts of refinement, elegance, and sophistication. Suffice it to say we have misnamed this cat. He’s more brawn than grace, all swagger and strut – he’s the Guinness on a bar full of Miller Lites. He doesn’t know a stranger and greets everyone with a firm head butt and gravely “mmmmerrow”. He’s the proverbial bull in the china shop – a huge personality!

He came in this week after being rescued from colony life with an injured and infected hind leg. He’s got his share of battle scars, but they only add to his character. He’s only been with us a few days, but he has definitely made his mark. This big boy is going to be a lot of fun to have around!


Cooper was found in a colony a few months ago. He was a mess – rough coat, malnourished, and sickly. A STAF supporter found him and brought him to her vet where she discovered he was positive for FIV. She knew that STAF has several FIV rooms at the shelter, and was able to hold onto him until we had a spot.

Cooper is one lucky boy. His rescuer worked wonders! He arrived at the shelter this week in fabulous shape. His coat is a gorgeous black, sleek and soft. His eyes are a brilliant green, and give him the cutest look of constant surprise. He’s even clean and well-socialized. A pretty easy intake for us!

Since he’s vaccinated, neutered and adoption-ready, we’re hoping to find him the perfect single cat home. His luck will definitely rub off on the family who chooses this wonderful cat!


Remember Valentine’s Day this year?  Of course you do!  We got a few feet of snow!  Hard enough for all of us, right?  Imagine being 9 inches tall, blind, and trying to navigate in that storm!  That’s what a wonderful woman found on her way home from work, on Valentine’s Day – a half grown, blind kitten trying walk down a rural road, through the snow and ice.  Thank heaven the woman stopped and rescued her.  The kitten would never have made it to the 15th without some help.

Little Valentina, who’s around 6 months old, appears to have been outside her whole life.  Her coat is like that of a brown bear and her ear tips are frost-bitten.  You can’t tell until you see her walk around a space that’s new to her, but she’s completely blind.  Regardless of her lack of sight, she can find any plate of food within 100 yards – she loves to eat!  She’s also fond of people, back scratches, catnip toys, and sleeping – she’s just a tad on the lazy side.  Given her start in life, can you blame her?

Now that we have a little weight on her bones, she’ll be spayed and we’ll wrap up her vaccinations.  Despite her vision, her health is just fine, so she’ll be all set to go home with the perfect family looking for a unique and special girl.

Bodie & Piper

Bode WebsiteBodie and Piper have a story we hear far too often – they were put out and left behind.  A kind neighbor began feeding them, but the cats had trouble caring for and defending themselves.  After only a few weeks, Bodie, the beautiful black cat on the left, arrived for dinner, dragging a hind leg.  They needed our help and the neighbor brought them in.

Piper WebsiteBodie’s leg has severely torn ligaments, as well as infection in the bone.  Poor Piper has severe dental issues.  We’re working to help them both get back on their feet and pain-free!  In the meantime, they’re proving to be big cuddle-bunnies, both loving attention and flipping over for tummy rubs.  Once they’re healthy, they’ll make a wonderful pair to adopt.  UPDATE:  Bodie and Piper are now available for adoption.  Come on in during adoption hours and meet this adorable pair!)


Midnight WebsiteMidnight isn’t very old, 2 at the most, but has lived a tough life.  He was living in a rural county, near a farm.  His ears are tattered, he’s a bit thin, he has a few scars, and has the big head/skinny butt of an outdoor fighter.  His farm colony was rounded up for spay/neuter, but many of the cats turned out to carry the leukemia virus and were slated for euthanasia.  Fortunately, the farmer found out we had a few sanctuary rooms for leukemia-positive cats, and held onto him until we had a spot available.

Midnight arrived this week and is already showing us his personality is 100% lover! He purrs when anyone speaks to him and lowers his head to nudge the nearest hand.  He gets a bit overly excited with petting, but he’s working hard to develop his social graces.  With a little time and understanding, he’ll be fine.



Marjorie and AmyMarjorie and Amy

This little mom and baby were found behind a car dealership, just as the weather turned really cold.   An employee of the business had seen a thin, young cat looking for something to eat.  He began bringing her food, which she’d gratefully, but quickly eat, then scurry away.  Determined to give the small cat a better life, he began trying to find where she slept, and to his surprise, he found a single tiny kitten nursing on the cat.
A friend arranged for the young mother and baby to come to STAF.  Marjorie, the mom cat, is gentle, calm, and friendly.  Amy, the baby, looks like a tiny black bear and is a bundle of energy.  As you can see they are very close and play more like littermates than mother and daughter.  We hope we’ll be able to find them a home where they can be buddies for life!

C-WolfmanJack02[1]Wolfman Jack

This is a hard story, but we hope you see only the wonderful side of it: the bravery and determination of a rescuer and the strength and trust of the animal she saved.

We got a call from an older lady in Kentucky Sunday night.  She was calling from her car, obviously in tears.  She had come out of the grocery and saw a group of 4 boys in a corner where two buildings met.  To her horror, she realized they were kicking a small, live animal – a cat.  Bless this woman’s brave heart!  There were four of them; they were younger and stronger than she was; but she refused to let fear win.  Leaving the safety and anonymity of her car, she yelled at the top of her lungs and moved as fast as she could toward the cat.  She ignored the insults, picked up the badly beaten cat lying on the ground, and proudly walked back to her car.  Through her tears, she relayed her story to us and asked for the help the cat needed right away.  We thought if she can pull off a rescue like that, we could certainly lend a hand!

Wolfman Jack has obviously had a tough time of it, probably even before the attack.  He’s very thin, has no front claws, and ears that show the signs of frostbite.  His face and mouth are badly swollen, he has some broken bones, he trembles when touched, and he’s afraid to look anyone in the eye.  But he knows.  He knows he was rescued through an act of great bravery and he’s trying hard to find the same bravery within himself.  He allows us to gently rub his neck and gives us the tiniest purr when we fuss over him.  He eats a bite of food, then looks to see if anyone is watching, and when we tell him what a good boy he is, he eats another bite.  It may be a slow process, but we’re determined to him heal in every way.

How lucky we are to be given this opportunity to help two heroes find a happy ending.  We can’t wait till we can show you an “after” picture of Wolfman Jack.  He may carry physical scars for a long time, but we hope very soon, his eyes will show that the emotional ones are gone.

C-Sawyer-n-Sydney01Sydney & Sawyer

Sydney and Sawyer came to us from a hoarding situation.  A woman with a yard full of unaltered cats, had taken a litter of tiny 2-week-old kittens from their mother and was feeding them human baby formula.  Needless to say, it didn’t exactly agree with their digestion.  After all but two of the kittens had died, the woman brought what remained of the litter to the shelter.

They were in rough shape, with awful yellow diarrhea and severe dehydration.  It didn’t look as if they’d make it through the first night.  But Sydney and Sawyer are fighters!  After 24 hours of intensive medical and feeding care, they began to turn around.  Now, almost a week later, they look downright chubby, have lovely fluffy blue coats, and excellent appetites.  They smell considerably better too. (Don’t worry – we’re working on spaying/neutering the yard kitties!)



We wish the picture could better express her personality.  She looks very serious in this shot, but that’s not Charlene at all!  She’s sweet, loving, gentle, trusting, and just a little silly.  She came to us earlier this week, a homeless neighborhood cat who had been hit by a car.  After the accident, she was unable to use her back legs, so a young boy carried her, holding onto her front legs, to a neighbor he knew would help.  It couldn’t have been a comfortable trip, but Charlene must have understood the boy’s intentions were good.

She’ll need some surgery to fix a broken pelvis and leg, but is expected to make a full recovery.  We hope we can find her a home with an animal-loving child who will take care of her – that seems appropriate.


This shy little girl really needed some help.  She’s a half grown colony cat who was trapped last week to be spayed, then released.  Thankfully the clinic vet checked her teeth and gums while she was under and realized Eva has severe dental disease.  A few of her teeth had rotted to the point they needed to be removed on the spot.  Without further help in terms of soft food and a complete dental, she’d live in constant pain and be unable to feed herself as a colony cat, so the colony caregiver brought her to STAF.

She’s still pretty shy, but has decided the twice-a-day canned food the volunteers bring her is pretty cool!  We’re sure she’ll settle in soon and when she has gained some weight, will be a STAF Tooth Fairy Fund recipient.  We’re so glad she found her way to the shelter!


The police arrived at the shelter last Monday morning.  Generally, no one wants to see the law on the doorstep, and our team leader that morning thought, “What a way to start the week.”

The off-duty officer explained that his landlord had opened the door of a recently vacated apartment, expecting to find a mess to clean.  Instead, he found a tiny, frightened, 5-week-old kitten in a hamster cage, sitting alone in the middle of the living room.  The kitten must have felt terribly vulnerable with no place to hide, no way to protect himself.  He backed against the corner of the cage and hissed as the man tried to calm him.  Not knowing how to safely remove the kitten from the cage, he called a policeman living close by, and together they loaded the kitten, hamster cage and all, into the back of a cruiser and off he went to STAF, complete with police escort.

It turns out the kitten is really very sweet.  Our cat volunteers named him Brando, a good, tough name, to give him a little confidence.  He has been blended with a litter and is settling right in, hopping, jumping, and playing happily with his new family.  When he’s had all his shots and is ready to go, we’ll try to find him a nice, law-abiding family.  One stay in police custody is plenty!



This is one that makes us grateful – grateful someone brought the cat to us, grateful we could help.

Evander is a big unneutered male who lived in Madisonville, a hard neighborhood.  He’s 3 years old, but looks about 13.  A man had been feeding him since he was a kitten, but Evander lived his rough 3 years as a homeless street cat.  All his teeth are broken and jagged, his mouth is swollen, and he drools when he eats.  But he eats – always like it’s his last meal.  His coat and skin are rough with a host of scars.  One ear is crumpled flat against his head, the ear canal packed with dirt and debris.  Even his claws are thick and worn to the point they don’t all retract anymore.  He has several bb’s imbedded in his body.  Feral?  No, he’s so sweet.  He loves to be touched and somehow has an incredible trust of people.

Over the past week, the man feeding Evander and the other neighborhood cats realized Evander was struggling to walk.  He was putting weight only on his front right, and back left legs; it appeared the other 2 may be broken.  He made it to the feeding station, but was obviously in a lot of pain.  The man reached out to two no-kill organizations, but was told nothing could be done for the suffering cat, other than taking him to the county shelter to be put down.  With so many homeless cats out there in need of help, all rescues are overwhelmed, but how unfair to this poor boy.  We’re grateful the man kept trying, a friend had told him to try STAF, and we were in a position to help.  It took a few more days, but he caught the big guy and brought him in.

The good news is that Evander’s legs aren’t broken.  Both limbs are injured, and the untreated wounds are so severely infected and painful that he could no longer walk.  With something as simple as antibiotics and basic care, he’s going to be fine.  The bad news is that in Evander’s few years on the street, he contracted both the FIV and Feline Leukemia viruses, so his odds of adoption are pretty slim.  But that just means we have to work a little harder to give him an abundance of love and comfort right here, in the sanctuary side of our cat area.  We want Evander to always know how truly grateful we are he’s with us.


My name is Gwen, I’m around 10 months old, and from a trailer park on the east side of town.  As you can see, I may not be the traditional pretty cat, but what I lack in “normal” appearance, I make up for in spirit and spunk!

Like so many homeless “colony cats”, I developed a bad respiratory infection as a kitten, and my eyes became crusted over with pus and gunk.  The infection caused one eye to become badly malformed, and the other to be scarred, so I’m mostly blind.  I’m currently a bit on the skinny side, because, well, it’s hard enough to find food when you CAN see – try it by smell alone when your nose is stuffed up.  It’s a challenge!

While trying to find breakfast one day, I wandered into a humane trap set by the STAF Spay/Neuter Team, and my luck changed.  Instead of being spayed and put back out to fend for myself as a blind, homeless cat, I’ve come to STAF to find a family to care for me.  I’m so happy about the turn of events, I’ve been “singing” for the volunteers all week long!  They love it – I can tell. I’ve been spayed and will be all set for adoption very soon, so if you’ve got a special spot in your heart for a special girl, here I am!


Ok, we may have missed the mark on the name – this little guy is more of a pirate than a cowboy.  His rescuer called him “Slim” because that’s what his chances were when she found him swimming in the Ohio River!

Apparently Slim was a homeless cat living at the marina, east of downtown.  He was occasionally fed from picnic lunches and people snacks, but slept under docks and trailers.  Last week, presumably to escape a heavy rain, he decided he’d climb onto a docked boat and happily fell asleep below deck.

When the boat’s owner arrived, he cast off as usual, but when he started the engines, he also started a general panic!  Slim shot from below deck startling the b-jeebies out of the man who let out a scream at what he must have thought was a fuzzy fish gone wild and bent on revenge!  Slim bounced off the inside walls of the craft like a pinball, and finally landed smack in the Ohio River.  Fortunately, his rescuer, a STAF volunteer, saw most of the episode, realized Slim was a small cat rather than a demonic fish, and helped the terrified boy to shore.

Once Slim calmed down from his ordeal, he showed his true personality – a sweet, gentle, half-grown kitten with a big appetite, and a general love of snuggling. Once he’s ready to go, we’ll try to find him a nice inland home.


It’s always hard to understand how anyone can find cruelty entertaining, particularly when the victim is defenseless.  Our little Thatcher was just such a victim at only 8 weeks old.  Some kids did something nasty to her, that doesn’t need to be repeated.  She escaped them, and hid under a porch for days.  The woman who owns the porch knew she was there, and tried over and over to coax her out, but the terrified kitten wouldn’t budge.  She contacted STAF for some advice, and a volunteer went to help with the rescue operation.  By this time the poor kitten was extremely weak, dehydrated, and badly infected, but they were able to reach her.Thatcher & Simon

She arrived at the shelter with severe wounds to her tail and back legs.  Since the wounds were open and untreated, she was infested with maggots and in a great deal of pain.  Fortunately our fabulous vet spent her day off gently cleaning the parasites from the kitten and bandaging her wounds.  She said the baby was one of the bravest creatures she had met, so asked us to name her something strong, like Thatcher.  That seemed to fit her perfectly.

We’ve now had Thatcher 3 weeks, and although she lost her tail, she’s doing great.  The infection is gone, and she’s eating like a champ.  Emotionally, she understandably has a little way to go, hiding under her bed if someone new comes along, or if the room is too loud.  Our volunteers are working on quiet, gentle handling, to help her see that people and touch can be wonderful.

Her best therapist of all though, is a little orange kitten, her new boyfriend named Simon (the cutie on the right).  He’s playful, but never dominant with her, always allowing her to take the lead.  He cleans her, wraps himself around her when they sleep, and after someone holds him, always returns to her to make sure she’s ok.  What a sweet little man, and just what the doctor ordered.

Thatcher and Simon have been such an inspiration to us.  Always remember, no matter what life hands you, you can get through it with a little compassion and a good friend.



My name is Gilbert and have I got a tale to tell!  I’m from a city neighborhood with a big street, Gilbert Ave.  Tough people, tough dogs, big cars, and lots of noise.  No place for a guy with 2-inch legs.  I ventured a bit too far from my mom and ended up on the pavement.  Cars careening by, over, and around me!  Horns blaring, tires screeching, nowhere to run!  And just when I thought my fate was sealed, from out of nowhere, my savior swooped to my rescue.  A caped crusader in a STAF t-shirt and something called a Hyundai!  She blocked the traffic with her superhero car, made a few hand gestures to repel the enemy, snatched me from the clutches of death!  Like lightning, we were off in a flash!  Phew!

I’m happily recovering from my ordeal in the lap of luxury – actually, quite a few laps.  I’m 5 weeks old and have the good fortune to be STAF’s newest “Ebony Sleek” kitten.  (They don’t have any black short-hairs here; Ebony Sleeks can only be found here at STAF because we’re so special.)  I hope you’ll stop in to meet me at Sunday’s Open House (7/14).  I’ll tell you my tale again.  It should have some new and exciting details by then!

Mari 2Mari

Little Mari came to us from a hoarding situation.  She’s a middle age girl, but her body appears much older.  Her fur is rough, her eyes dry, her ears tattered.  She arrived at STAF very thin, weak, and anemic from a family of fleas making their home in her coat.  Almost all of her teeth are broken, and the few that are left are opaque brown, rather than an solid color, a condition caused by very poor nutrition.

Mari has learned to do what she has to – she has trouble keeping food in her mouth, and chewing is obviously painful, but she works at it until she gets a small meal.  Poor little girl – it shouldn’t hurt to eat.

We’re so grateful to be able to help her out.  We feed her more often, with lots of soft food.  She has gained over half a pound in just a week and we’re hopeful we can have her mouth fixed up with a dental sooner rather than later.

If you’d like to contribute to Mari’s dental, it would be GREATLY appreciated!  To make an online donation to our Tooth Fairy Medical Fund project, here’s the link:  Thank you!


MiraMira (MIRAculous!)

Sometimes we hear of a cat who needs emergency help, and we wonder if we should.  The injury seems so traumatic.  Is it kinder to immediately euthanize?  It’s a difficult decision, but we do our very best to make the choice we believe in our hearts is best for the cat.

Mira is just such a case.  This beautiful, sweet cat took a wallop to the head, hard enough to cause some brain damage.  A small rescue group got her to a vet and saved her life, but then what to do?  They asked for our help, and with the vet telling us she was seeing small improvements every day, we agreed to give it a try.

Mira, short for Miraculous, is just that!  We’ve had her only 5 days, but in that time, we can see what a will she has to heal and to live.  Only a week ago, she had to be hand fed; now she can eat from a bowl held in front of her.  She has gained a half pound and has started cleaning her front paws.  She can’t stand yet, but knows to pull herself away from urine on her pad.  She can stretch out her front left paw, and we hope the right will follow soon, then the back feet.  All great signs!

Mira is currently blind as a result of her injury, and it’s hard to read her, but she seems to be aware that we’re here and we love her.  How truly blessed we are to have the opportunity to close the door on an act of cruelty, and replace it with kindness.  We’re so lucky and hope Mira feels the same.

We’ll keep you posted on her progress.  Everyone, keep your paws crossed that her mobility, brain function, and sight will return soon!