Click each photo below for an update from each animal’s forever family!

Gryff on his latest road trip! Here is to lots of great adventures in your new home.
Dancer's new home is filled with toys that she loves to play with. Her new mom tells us that she is extremely cuddly and sleeps next to her every night. Sounds like she is happy to finally be home!
Zoey loves a good party. Her new home tells us she is gaining her confidence and going to daycare!
This sweet girl has won over her human and kitty siblings all around. Her new home is happy to report she is very much a people cat.
Kaylee (fna Kiera) gets to go do daycare once and week. In addition to all that fun her new family takes her on daily walks and she gets to play with her new brother Fargo!
Dill is loving life in his forever home!
"From the first time Fred walked into my house (on the adoption visit), it was like he had been a part of our family all along." Sounds like Fred found just the right family!
Monroe already owns the place according to his new mom! Playing and lounging around are how he spends his days in his home now.
Lucy (fna Freda) has clearly become best friends with her new sister Kalina.
Mimi & Silky
Playtime is all the time when you have found your forever home! These two kitties are hard to photograph because they always move so fast according to their dad.
Lucy is in love with her new brother! Her forever family is happy to tell us that she is a first rate cuddler who loves to meet new dogs.
His mom is happy to tell us his personality has really come at home. His new kitty sister has been a big help helping Jose settle in to his forever home!