Click each photo below for an update from each animal’s forever family!

Renamed after his late human grandad Charlie is doing well and living large according to his new home!
"To say that Breezy has already become a member of our family is an understatement." We love to hear those words! Looks like Breezy feels right at home with her new family.
Jilly has been flying thru training class with shinning stars. Her mom tells us agility class is next on the list. She looks like a straight A student to us!
Safe, sound and all snuggled up. The CocoPuffs Gang now gets to enjoy lounging around together in their new forever home!
The hikers life. Dove just finished hiking the Sheltowee Trace trail this year, all 323 miles of it! We are happy to hear and aren't surprised to find Dove is the perfect trail dog for her dad.
We are happy to report Devon has already found her favorite spot in her new home.
Roxy's new life is full of days at daycare, long hikes and plenty of snuggle time in the big bed with her mom. We love to hear how great life is in their forever home!
From the looks of things Jose is enjoying life in her new home very much!
We are happy to hear Ollie is a quick learner. He now sits and shakes hands! His family told us he has been an amazing addition and they love truly love having him!
Rhett & Scarlett
Rhett and Scarlett (formerly Pewter and Poppy) are doing fine. Rhett was very shy at first, but has come around with the addition of a touch of catnip. They got an early Christmas with lots of new toys when they arrived at their new home!
"We can't imagine life without her in our home." That statement means Jewels extended stay with us was worth the wait! Jewel was made for this family. She checks in on each family member before we go to bed and is very patient with her new brothers.
Penny & Bean
Penny was adopted a few years ago. Penny (the dilute torti) and her new friend Bean love to snuggle up. Everyone needs a buddy and we are happy these two found each other.