Our most recent rescue, Toby, has sure proven that he is a survivor, as he came to us from a KY County shelter. He is FIV+ and was dropped off by a man who found him living among raccoons in a storm drain. He has such devastating dental disease we don’t know how he was even able to eat. Poor little guy, we cannot even imagine the stories Toby could share.

Animals exhibit an amazing resilience, and Toby is no exception. He is now happy to lay his head on a soft pillow and no longer have to fend for himself. We are addressing all of his medical and dental issues and we know he will be in tip top shape in no time. In the meantime, we are showering him with our special brand of TLC. We dream of the day that Toby will be lounging in his forever home, having long forgotten about his days in that storm drain.


A couple showed up at the door with their “friendly cat”, advising that they were being evicted and could not keep it. Although they were uncertain if it was a boy or a girl, we were certain that we would help.

Willow was extremely terrified and basically seemed untouchable and unapproachable. She was taken to our vet for her new cat exam. Knowing that she was not adjusting well and was not eating a thing we were trying, we asked for the helping hands and healing touches of our Care Corps team. With Care Corps trying every known trick in the book – lots of soft words of encouragement and a huge variety of treats, we are finally seeing this beautiful girl turn the corner. She is high on the list for needing socialization, and our volunteers are going the extra mile to make Willow feel at home.


With a name like Snickerdoodle, no wonder she is irresistible! This incredible buff girl is truly like the sweetest, most delectable, delicious cookie in the batch!

We can’t wait to get to know Snickerdoodle better while we share with her our special brand of TLC. 


All told, there were 50 cats on the euthanasia list at a rural county shelter. Many shelters were notified and were asked to take two (if possible). With our dog shelter manager headed to that area to rescue some dogs, we told her that we would gladly take our two cats. When she arrived, there was a third guy that she did not want to leave behind, and of course, we could not say no.

All three kitties arrived looking like they were in great need of help. With visits to the vet, medical protocols, nutritious food, and lots of love from our volunteers, Celeste, Hannah, and Panda are all in a safe place with us! We sure were happy to learn that Hannah was traveling solo without any kittens, as we were just certain there were some babies in her round belly!


We knew the moment would be coming soon when our proud momma, Inanna, was going to give birth. In immediate need of a foster home, one of our volunteers opened her loving home (once again) to provide a wonderful place for Inanna to deliver. Sure enough, our beautiful momma gave birth to Imani, Isaac, and Ira. Although the saying goes “two is company and three is a crowd,” momma is taking great care of her crowd, and loves her little trio.


We surely did not have to travel to London to find our new girl, Piccadilly. This sweet Calico showed up at a trailer park and was brought to safety as she was clearly not making it well on her own. Her markings will surely shine through now that she has time to bathe herself properly, since she will no longer be traveling to find food or shelter.


When you hear the name Rex, you think of a rough and tough macho guy that can withstand almost anything. Well, our guy came to us due to some bladder issues that his owner was no longer able to manage. This guy has had several surgeries to help with his situation and is surely on the road to recovery under our watch. He is definitely macho due to his fortitude to recover, but he is anything but rough and tough and continues to get stronger every day in our vet room.


If you are a cat, are seen running across the street, and are as sweet and handsome as our boy Finn, you will be scooped up by a Good Samaritan and brought to safety. Our new fair-haired boy will surely soon be running from an inside floor to a counter top, bed, or a sofa, as he will make an incredible mate for a family.


If you are shopping for a new car, a Buick may be on your list of options. If you are shopping for an amazing new cat, he is definitely the option!

This handsome orange boy came to us by way of a volunteer and colony feeder who had been caring for him for several years. After he showed up with a paw injury, it was time to get him into the garage and then to a safe place. There will be no doubt that he will be in line for a great new home as soon as he has had his engine tuned!


We were contacted by a family looking to re-home their two 3 1/2-year-old declawed cats, Janie and JD, since apparently, they were no longer able to care for their cats with a one-year-old toddler and a second child on the way. At their young age and with their sweet demeanor, surely our Adoption Committee will find the perfect home for these purrfect pets!


We were contacted by an OAR volunteer that has been managing a cat colony in Madisonville for years. Josie was living behind a building that was recently sold, and the new owners were not willing to let the colony feeders continue their care of her.

This three-legged cat was in dire need of sanctuary and without question, we immediately agreed to take her. With our Care Corps on the case, she has already been coming out of her carrier and into her cube (in her large cage in the middle hall), and we are hoping she will soon learn the meaning of living the good life with plenty of warmth, delicious food, and wonderful friends, as we all welcome her to her new life of love!


We received a call about two kittens, approximately five months old, that needed a home. Ralph and Lauren were found as strays and were taken to a vet to be neutered and spayed, but the woman could not keep them, having many cats of her own.

The woman could not bear to put Ralph and Lauren back on the street, so we accepted them and they quickly went into a loving foster home, where surely they are learning to get a new lease on life. In the words of the great designer, this pair will surely “dream of a beautiful life through authenticity and timeless style”!


We received a call from a woman who had been feeding Cane for several months in her neighborhood, realizing the owners moved away and abandoned him. There was no doubt that Cane was in need of our help as we have since learned that our boy is actually quite the senior at nearly 14 years 8 months old. We surely want him to know we are so grateful to have him and there is nothing sweeter than our candy man!


When two women showed up at the door with Clare, Francie, and Frankie, there was no doubt we had to get them set up in some new digs. Momma and babies were rescued from a dumpster at a flea market, and thankfully, these good Samaritans brought them to safety. Quickly turning Room 14 into a makeshift nursery, our Care Corps sprung into action so our momma and babies would be on the path to a clear and bright future!


We were asked to take Muse & Ivy after their owner passed away and the family could not keep these two beautiful tabby-and-white sisters.

As young and sweet as they both are, it surely will not take long for these sister goddesses to wind their way into a forever home!


We were contacted by a woman who needed to have her mother (and cat) move in. Realizing the family already had house pets, and they were not willing to incorporate Tig into the household, we agreed to take her.

Tig is a big, beautiful tabby girl with a bit of sass, but she is getting to know us slowly and is understanding the purpose of her zoom groom. We will spend some extra time letting her know we love plus-sized models!


We received a call from an animal clinic asking if we could take a six-week-old kitten that tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+). Of course, we were glad to help Malachai once we learned that we could count on an amazing foster home to provide his necessary care. At first they were a bit tentative having never raised a kitten from so young, but they quickly realized that on top of his protocols, it requires tons of love and this kitten will do the rest to steal their hearts. 


Dewdrop, our beautiful grey and white cat that was found in someone’s yard several months ago, was brought to the shelter in June. We were certainly happy to welcome this lovely lady, but soon realized that we were not only helping her, but also her soon-to-be delivered family of 6.

Prepped for delivery in her peaceful foster home with a STAF volunteer, our new momma delivered in late July, her Frozen 2 characters Olaf, Queen Elsa, Arendelle, Anna, Sven, and Kristoff. While the delivery was not exactly a fairy tale, as our new family had to be rushed to the vet for some professional delivery assistance to get the kittens to safety, they are all doing amazing in their foster home and will be ready to make their debut at STAF as soon as they are all spayed/neutered and vaccine protocols are completed. Now that’s a fairy tale indeed!


When we hear the name Magnolia, we think of a beautiful flower to enjoy. After being contacted by a volunteer about a skinny cat, perhaps with health issues, wandering in an unsafe neighborhood, we were willing to help.

Realizing it will take some time for Magnolia to blossom, our Care Corps is working with her to gain her trust and let her know she is safe and among many friends. 


If you believe in the saying, “wow, what a hunk!” you will surely fall blissfully in love with our two newest FIV+ (feline immunodeficiency virus) boys that came in from our waiting list.

Sylvester, a handsome, long-haired (you guessed it), black and white boy, and Simba, an incredible beige man with a head that is no less cute than a pumpkin, are two of the sweetest big boys you will ever meet. They sure landed in the right spot since we know that just because they tested FIV positive, doesn’t mean you can’t make it onto an unsuspecting sofa!


Why would you live in a trailer park when you can live at STAF? This is the question Bernard asked as he was a part of one of our valiant TNR Team’s efforts.

After Bernard was neutered and tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), he could not be returned and thankfully, we had a spot for him with us. We know he will surely have way more fun with us, as he will be showered with love from our volunteers.


Moana (at left) and Gypsy will surely not be around at the shelter for long! These two lovely girls came in from a foster situation after a volunteer was helping with a large TNR project.

They are two sweet girls and are both proficient at making biscuits. In fact, the more you talk to them, the faster they move their little feet to show their happiness!


When a woman came to the door at STAF with three 5-week-old kittens in a box, there was no time to direct her regarding our incoming protocols. She said she found them and could not keep them and was unwilling to go through the channels so we could try to find a foster home.

Thankfully, a STAF volunteer was doing some volunteer overtime and was willing to foster this little family in her loving home. Wesley, Cordelia, and Connor are having fun in their new foster home as they go through their kitten protocols.


If you have a name like Cutie, you must be cute! This precious girl came to us by way of a long-term volunteer who had been feeding her (and her brother) for about two years behind her office.

They showed up at her office as kittens, and after the disappearance of her brother, the fear of coyotes in the area was just too scary. Although Cutie has not had a lot of time to socialize with people, she is quickly coming around. We feel she will soon be a prime candidate for a formal living room!


A volunteer told us about a shelter in New Richmond that had to close their doors. They had two FIV+ (feline immunodeficiency virus) cats that had been under their care for years, and they desperately needed a home. They had placed the other cats and were planning to euthanize Two Socks & Merlin if they could not find them a home. Thank goodness we were able to save these boys’ lives.

Both are adorable and share a need for a high level of medical care. Two Socks is diabetic, and Merlin has serious ongoing mouth issues. An awesome group of STAF volunteers sorted out all their medical needs and helped these boys feel comfort, love, and overwhelming acceptance in their new home.


A volunteer told us about a cat that wandered into her yard about a month ago and looked like it desperately needed our help. She was unable to catch him for a few weeks, but she was recently able to scoop up Ulrich and bring him to STAF.

Ulrich was seen by our vet the next day, and we determined this unneutered male has some terrible dental disease for which he needs immediate relief. Thankfully, he will have that surgery very soon and will be able to eat pain-free for the first time in a long time!


When you pull into Taco Bell you probably expect to carry out food, but in the case of one STAF volunteer, she pulled in and left with a kitten! Thank goodness she got the call about Hershey, a kitten that was alone and navigating the Taco Bell parking lot. The volunteer agreed to foster this black (ebony sleek) kitten that appeared small but healthy.

Shortly after Hershey arrived, she had an abscess burst, which had been previously unseen on her chest, and she was rushed to the vet. Thankfully, she is okay now, and what would we do without our vigilant foster homes?!


Dominique was living on the street and needed a second chance at life. She can now boast that she almost has it all. Beautiful, great personality, a strong name to carry her through life, good food, vet care, and volunteers who love her. All she needs now is a forever home!

Dominique has been up at the front of her cage greeting everyone since the day she arrived. She has started all her medical protocols and we are already introducing her to potential families! She has been very open to our care and the wound is healing nicely with the help of medication, warm compresses, and the TLC of our medicators.


Dusty is a doll. She is a sweet senior girl that has endured who-knows-what. She was living in a home with many inside and outside cats. Dusty came to our attention when the homeowner was hospitalized and would probably not be coming home. Neighbors were trying to care for all the cats and recognized that Dusty was extremely debilitated and needed medical help.

Dusty arrived at STAF and immediately went to our vet. She had a full medical workup and a ‘lion cut’ full-body shave to remove the matts that covered her body. She immediately donned a dusty purple sweater to keep her warm – which simply sent her cuteness off the charts! The photo at right is a picture of Dusty when she first arrived.


Sammy was found in a managed colony and STAF agreed to give him a home after he turned up one day with a huge neck wound. He was in some pretty dire straits and was immediately taken to the vet.

We are still unsure of the origin of the wound, but it may have been self-inflicted as Sammy has some pretty severe allergies and was licking and scratching at his skin for relief. We are happy to report he has been very open to our care and the wound is healing nicely with the help of medication, warm compresses, and the TLC of our medicators.


We were contacted by a friend of a volunteer about a cat that wandered up to her house and needed a home. We agreed to take Dewdrop as she was not capable of fending for herself.

Upon arrival, we thought Dewdrop looked a little big in the middle – well, our vet quickly determined she had at least four babies on board and was due to give birth very soon! We quickly got Drewdrop into one of our amazing foster homes, and four weeks later she gave birth to five adorable kittens.


Bernie is a beautiful buff boy who was about 4-5 weeks old at the time he came to us. He was brought to the door by Good Samaritans who found him in the wheel well of their car.

As one of our volunteers had kittens around that same age, Bernie was blended into the brood and is living the good life. Bernie is beyond adorable and will be romping in room 11 (or in his forever home) before we know it.


Zinnia, Zack, and Zippy were also found literally on the street – all three of them together near a LaRosa’s restaurant. We got the call and immediately jumped into action to help. At around 12 weeks old, we have no idea where they had been or how they made their way to that spot. A dedicated STAF volunteer not only rescued these three terrific tabbies, she agreed to foster them until they finish all protocols and come to STAF. Check out the picture of Zippy – we see he is living up to his name!


Amelia was under one pound, and had eyes so infected she could literally not see and was making her way along route 125 in Amelia. Thank goodness two women stopped to help her and brought this tiny kitten to STAF. Amelia was immediately rushed to our vet where she was given emergency medical care to save her life.

Four days later, this little fighter went directly into foster care where she received the round-the-clock care she so desperately needed. She is doing really well and has overcome so many challenges to live the life she truly deserves.


PepperGinger & Pepper came to us from a shelter in Maysville where they were on the euthanasia list due to their advanced age and some serious health issues. One of our amazing volunteers facilitated their rescue and drove to pick them up in Maysville. We are beyond sad to report that Ginger was taken to our vet for emergency medical care and was unable to rebound from her debilitated condition. We all wish we could have given this sweet girl more time.

We’re pleased to report that Pepper is really starting to come around medically and was well enough to get his much-needed neuter recently. He is currently holding court in the cross hall and is welcoming all volunteers. He is a sweet gentleman!


Jack & Nancy had been on our FeLV+ (feline leukemia virus) waiting list for a little while and were living together in a home, patiently waiting to make their way together to STAF. We are so happy that we were able to roll out the red carpet for these two sweet cats. They took a little time getting settled in with us – who can blame them with all the changes in their lives? Nancy just moved to room 21 and is settling in with her new friends and some awesome volunteers. Jack and Nancy will be reunited soon when he joins her in room 21.


Glitz, Shimmer, and Bling came from the same apartment complex as Sprocket (see Sprocket’s story below). Knowing how much medical care Sprocket needed, we quickly agreed to take these three kittens who needed help as well. All three of these shiny girls came in with upper respiratory infections and were quickly seen by our vet. Sprocket has welcomed the girls with open arms, as has one of our incredible volunteers, who is fostering all of them.




In April, we shared the story of Rosie’s rescue – she arrived very pregnant after being found on the streets of Dayton. She was immediately whisked off to an amazing foster home for close care and important assistance with her impending birth date. We are thrilled to report that Dandelion, Jasmine, Clover, Snapdragon, and Snowdrop are all happy, healthy, very active kittens and are living the good life with mama Rosie in their foster home! They have all started their vaccine and testing protocols and had their ‘big reveal’ at our Summer Open House.


Sprocket arrived at STAF recently and we are incredibly thankful to have him. A woman found him outside with some serious eye problems and was told by the vet that the eye may have to be removed. As she was not able to afford the care, we were asked to help.

We immediately added Sprocket to the vet run that was scheduled for that afternoon. No news yet, but whatever we learn, we will be ready to give him the care and love he needs. And Sprocket doesn’t know the best part – after he recovers, Sprocket will be joining Dazzle and Bailey in an amazing foster home.


Say hello to Loki! What an adorable pup! He came to us after being surrendered to a rural county shelter.

Loki is just 4-5 months old, 26 pounds, and looks like a fox terrier mix. He is sweet and spunky, with a fun-loving personality. A perfect terrier!



Miro (previously known as Hero in room 13) was adopted in 2016 and came back to STAF last month due to some personality conflicts with other cats in the home. He just had a much-needed dental and that, coupled with all the other changes, is a lot for him to handle.

Miro is appreciating all the extra love our volunteers are giving him – he absolutely lights up as soon as you start to brush him!


After wandering up to a home in Batavia, Babe was brought inside just in time to give birth to five kittens. The family already had a few cats and reached out to see if we would help. We were happy to say yes to Babe the mama and her five 2-week-old kittens: Ziggy Piggy, Peppa, Pumbaa, Wilbur, and Orson.

Since they were born around the time of The Flying Pig Marathon, we went with a famous pig naming theme! One of our awesome volunteers has done an amazing job fostering these six adorables. Last week, Babe was taken to the vet with mastitis but we’re happy to report she is making a full recovery. All six will be ready for adoption in July-August.


We were shocked in the middle of our busy Saturday morning shift to find a very large carrier with a very large cat in it just outside our front door. Although we were sad someone left a cat and drove away, we are so, so glad we can give this gentle giant a second chance.

Biscuit clearly needs lots of medical attention. He was immediately accepting of our touch and we know he will bring us so much joy. This photo was taken the day he arrived, but he quickly began to look so much better once he started receiving STAF’s special brand of TLC.


One of our newest kittens, Dazzle, was found alone in the engine of a car. We can’t even think about that scary situation – but will only focus on her bright future.

Not only is Dazzle courageous, she is gorgeous, healthy, and energetic and is already living it up in her foster home. She is happily sharing toys and hammocks and all her play time with Barley. We can’t think of anything better for a 6-week-old kitten!


Lil’ One and Smudge were living outdoors and were also being watched over by a Good Samaritan. When she was going to be out of town for an extended period, she asked if we could make room at STAF for these two gorgeous orange cats.

We immediately started them on our medical protocols – Smudge willingly and Lil’ One very grudgingly. Thank goodness one of our volunteers is an orange cat whisperer! Lil’ One is definitely starting to come around with some gentle coaxing. Smudge just moved to a condo in the hall and is absolutely loving life.


Barley, a 6-week-old kitten, was rescued while trying to navigate traffic on Ft. Washington Way. We are so grateful for the woman who scooped her up and brought her to STAF.

As is the case with all our kittens, Barley immediately went to an amazing foster home. Watching her romp and play after what she survived is nothing short of miraculous!


Our adorable Daisy was rescued by our TNR team – thank goodness for this amazing team! Although Daisy was found on the streets, she has definitely had human contact and loves, loves, loves people.

First, Daisy wins you over with her beautiful eyes and soft fur – then her gentle personality quickly seals the deal! We wish we could hurry up her testing and vaccine protocols so we can start showing her for adoption. Cutie Patootie!


A volunteer received a call about an outside cat in serious medical trouble. She responded and got him through the first few weeks of critical care. Ultimately, Pierce needed more daily care than she was able to provide.

She asked STAF to step in and help and we were glad to welcome this social and handsome orange boy. We’re still sorting out his medical needs, but he is enjoying attention from volunteers and reciprocating with massive amounts of love!


The gorgeous orange and white Dixie (yes, it’s the month of the orange cat!) was dumped at a feral cat colony in Milford and was trying to fend for herself. Fortunately, the colony is managed by a wonderful person with a connection to STAF.

We immediately agreed to take this charming lady and she has quickly settled in with us. We know Dixie was recently spayed – before she was left outside – as she absolutely adores belly rubs and proudly displays her shaved tummy. Her orange markings are truly unique, and her perpetual purr will warm your heart.


A Good Samaritan had been feeding Mr. Tibbs outside her office building in a rather scary commercial section of downtown Cincinnati. She reached out for help and one look at his picture, with battle scars and multiple injuries, we knew he needed us.

With two major surgeries now behind him, Mr. Tibbs has come a long way since his arrival at STAF. We are still earning his trust but have high hopes that this big orange boy will one day be a lap cat!


As friendly as she is beautiful, Ava was picked up as a stray, and is now eager to settle in with a family of her own.

“This girl is one big bundle of wiggles and kisses! She was so excited to go to the park. Ava is very good on leash and is happy to walk and an excellent jogging partner with no pulling. She greeted anyone and everyone who was interested in meeting her with happy feet and kisses but waited for people to express an interest in saying hi before unleashing affection on them.”


We received a call that Chauncey, who was adopted about 3 years ago, would be coming back to STAF. The family’s situation had changed and they were no longer able to care for this sweet man. Fortunately, he settled back into STAF life with minimal upset and is currently living in his tall new condo in the front hall!

Stop by and meet the boy with the beautiful facial markings and very outgoing personality. We are so glad he is back and safe with all the STAF volunteers who will give him all the love he needs. Welcome home, Chauncey!


Cork and his buddy Lazlo came to STAF recently from a rural county shelter. Sadly, they were part of a hoarding case. They are both small hound mixes, each just under 30 pounds. Cork is 2 years old. Cork was initially a bit nervous when he arrived, but he with the time he has spent at STAF we can definitely see him beginning to blossom and soaking up all the STAF love:) Now that he’s becoming more comfortable, we also see his fun and playful side. He loves playing with his buddy, Lazlo, and running after toys in the yard. He’s also a regular at doggy daycare, courtesy of The Pet Spot and Red Dog Pet Resort!


Rosie arrived recently, and she is very pregnant. A woman found this gorgeous long-haired tabby on the streets and asked if we would be able to help.

We secured a foster home for Rosie and the babies – which will be arriving any day! By looking at her, it looks like we will be celebrating birth day very soon!


Another sweet rescue is our amazing Winston – a cat that tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+) and the feline leukemia virus (FeLV+). The family that rescued him wanted to give him a home, but when he tested double-positive they were not comfortable having him share space with their cats.

Winston was living outside in a little heated house they provided, but outside is no place for a double-positive cat. We agreed to give him a home and can’t wait to introduce him to the residents in room 23. He will fit right in with this amazing room of cats.


When you think of the word Onyx, what comes to mind? Well from now on, it will be a gorgeous, and ridiculously friendly, ebony sleek, black cat! We were contacted by a young woman who found Onyx hanging around her apartment complex which does not allow cats. Fearing what the landlord might do, we agreed to take this lovely boy into STAF. It wasn’t until he arrived that we realized he had some bite wounds on his lower back that needed attention. Thankfully, he is healing very well and is so calm about any and all medical treatment he needs. Onyx is another boy that will be adopted fast!


We received an email from a disabled couple asking if we could make room for Buddy. He was a young, un-neutered male that was outside trying to fend for himself. They told us they could not afford to care for him, and his activity level was more than they would be able to handle. We agreed that the best place for Buddy was at STAF and we think Buddy agrees with that, too. He has already begun his medical protocols and will be neutered soon. As soon as possible, he will be ready to meet an adoring forever family.


Our beautiful Firefly was living in a colony for many years that is managed by one of our volunteers. Recently it was noted that Firefly appeared to have some serious medical issues with bloody urine and IBD symptoms, and she would not be able to survive without some specialized medical care. Well, of course, she now has a home at STAF. This 11-year-old cat loves attention and is doing much better with proper food and medical care.


Please give a warm welcome to Mary Jane! This brindled beauty came to us from a rural county shelter. She had been adopted from that shelter a few months ago, then was recently returned there full of milk. Apparently, she had been pregnant and the family sold her puppies – then dumped her back at the shelter.

We will make sure this girl has the best future with a loving family. She’s a small terrier mix at just 36 pounds, and she’s about 2 years old. She is such a sweet and gentle girl. We just love her smile!



Bobbi is a gorgeous and very friendly Manx that was living a tough life on the streets. We are uncertain of her history but agreed to accept this stray cat because she would not have done well outside.

Bobbi is approximately one year old, is a beautiful dilute tortoiseshell and just a little peanut weighing in at about 8lbs. She loves attention and will grab your heart the minute you meet her. We’re sure it won’t be long before she meets her forever family.



Handsome Mook was surrendered to a rural county shelter, as his previous owner said he needed more room to run. He is a Husky-Shepherd mix, just 7 months old and weighs about 48 lbs. 

Mook’s eyes are mesmerizing! They are the clearest, brightest blue and when he gazes at you, your heart just melts. Mook is a little afraid of the world right now and is very frightened of a crate. We don’t have insight into his background or what may have happened to him to make him fear small spaces, but we look forward to bringing his confidence back with all the love and care he will receive from STAF volunteers. Mook is a gentle dog, absolutely loves people, and seems to be getting along well with other dog residents at STAF.


Tigger has clearly lived a devastating life on the streets. A caring couple found him in need and took him to the vet to be neutered and to determine how they could help him. What they found out was more than they could handle financially and he was in absolutely no shape to go back on the street. They asked if we could help and of course we agreed.

Tigger has an old eye injury that may need attention and his teeth are in horrific condition – thankfully, he is still able to eat. Tigger did test FIV positive so we will need to take it slow with his dental surgery until we have a chance to build up his strength. Tigger has only been with us for a few weeks and has come a long way both socially and medically – he is responding to all the TLC our volunteers are providing. Stop by at our next event and introduce yourself to our courageous Tigger.

If you would like to make a donation to help with Tigger’s medical care, please donate to our Medical Fund today.


Trooper & Feisty were victims of terrible neglect. Although they lived in a home, they were in conditions that no cat should ever have to endure. When we got the call, we immediately jumped into action and got both of these senior cats to STAF. At 16 years old, they have a lot of medical conditions to sort out, but you know there is no better place than STAF to give them the best life possible. As they settle in, we are showing them the joy of a pampered life with STAF volunteers.


Petite and sweet GG has shown us the definition of courage and patience. Rescued by a woman in Pennsylvania, GG was looking for a home for months and found her way onto the STAF FeLV+ (feline leukemia virus) waiting list. Knowing this was GG’s chance for a lifetime of love and care in our Sanctuary, the woman drove GG all the way from Pennsylvania to STAF. This gorgeous grey girl is stealing hearts and will soon share space with some amazing cats that will welcome her with open paws!


Candy, Feather, & Cotton are littermates that lived together in a loving home for 8-1/2 years. Their elderly owner had a change in her medical situation and could no longer care for them. Her family was unwilling to help so the poor woman contacted her vet to have them euthanized as she felt she had no other choice. Thankfully, the vet reached out to STAF and we were happy to accept these gorgeous and pleasantly plump siblings! Understandably nervous at first, they have all settled in under the gentle touch and loving care of our volunteers. We know the future is bright for this terrific trio!


We recently got a call from a woman who had rescued Edison – a big, handsome, long-haired, gorgeous boy with a pretty serious injury to his neck. She took him to the vet with the plan of giving him a life of love. During his treatment he tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+), and she was not comfortable mixing him in with her cats at home. She reached out to STAF and we were happy to give him a second chance. Under the loving care of our medicators, Edison is healing very nicely and should be available for adoption soon.


Franklin, Freud, & Sagan are part of the amazing “Scientist” group – all rescued recently from the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) site in Pleasant Plains. The cats that have come in from this group (STAF has rescued a total of 11) have all been incredibly friendly, and many have been adopted or are on hold for adoption.

We know these three boys will follow in their footsteps. All very affectionate, we know they will be on the adoption board soon, too!


Nick wandered into the yard of a volunteer and immediately wanted to come inside and make himself at home. This volunteer already had several cats that she had adopted and rescued and asked if we had room for Nick – we said yes to this little gentleman. He is sweet, outgoing, and very healthy, and we’re sure he will find a forever home as soon as he finishes his STAF medical protocols. This handsome boy will be ready for his forever home in just a few more weeks!


Seranno is our newest STAF rescue, arriving recently when a family could no longer care for her. Upon meeting her, one of our volunteers said her personality was ‘spicy’ so she was named after a spicy pepper! Seranno managed to entice a ton of visitors to stop by and meet her at our last Brush-N-Fluff event. Active, inquisitive, vocal, and gorgeous are just a few words to describe this 4-month-old kitten.


A sweet boy with gorgeous eyes, Stan was living in a colony that was being managed by people associated with our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) team. When it was discovered he had a wound on his side (from an unknown cause), he was taken to Town Square Animal Clinic where they cleaned and flushed the wound. While there, he tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+) and so he found his way to STAF! Our amazing medicators gave him the care he needed with medication and warm compresses to the wound. He has healed nicely and is scheduled for a dental exam soon.


Shadow shared the same colony space with Stan for many years. When Stan tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+), our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) team went back to the colony to have Shadow tested, as well. Although we are sad that he also tested FIV+, we are so glad this beautiful cat is now with us, as well. Initially nervous in our vet room, this gentle giant quickly came around and is another member of our Ebony Sleek (black cat) Club! At just 4 years old, and healthy except for dental disease we will be addressing, we are sure this man will be one of our adoptable FIV+ cats.


Julia was living on the streets and was part of another TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) effort that was managed by a STAF volunteer. When Julia was taken to be spayed, she tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+), and of course we agreed that she should immediately come to STAF. This gorgeous girl needs to put on a little weight and will be seen by our vet for next steps in her care plan. She hasn’t been with us long and is still a bit tentative, but we are showing her the special brand of TLC that STAF is so famous for!


This brindled beauty arrived at STAF recently from a rural county shelter. She had been found as a stray and sadly was never claimed.

Magic is around 2 years old and weighs about 40 pounds. She looks like she could have some Australian cattle dog and possibly some shepherd in her mix. She has adorable antennae-like ears that can’t quite decide if they want to stand up or not! She’s so sweet and outgoing, and we were told by the county shelter that she is good with kids and other dogs.


Our talented artist Picasso came to us when we were contacted by a woman who had been caring for this outdoor cat with an injury to his neck. She was moving and wanted to be sure he was cared for, so of course we agreed to take him.

This affectionate boy settled in immediately, and his wound is healing nicely with the help of a fashionable shirt to keep him from scratching it. He also has some dental issues and will be having a dental exam soon. This artistic and fashion-forward man is already on hold for adoption!


Meet Monty! What can we say about Monty? This adorable kitten has never met a stranger, and it took about 15 seconds for every volunteer at STAF to fall head over heels in love with him! We are so grateful that another shelter reached out to us in January asking if we could take Monty when he tested FIV positive. Their shelter will not keep FIV+ cats and will not adopt them, so they would have had to euthanize him. Imagine that, a perfectly healthy 4-month-old kitten. Thank goodness we were able to save his life.

Monty is playful, active, precocious, and beyond adorable! Kittens often shed the FIV virus and we are extremely hopeful that at his next testing date in March, Monty will test negative. Either way, we are sure this little man will find a forever home!

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue to save more cats in need like Monty who deserve a chance at life, please donate to our Medical Fund today.


Our sweet Gingerbread came to STAF’s attention when several volunteers saw a posting on Facebook that this young FeLV positive cat was going to be euthanized by a Kentucky shelter in a matter of days. We are one of the only shelters in the region that will give sanctuary, and a lifetime of TLC, to cats that have tested FeLV positive. We gladly stepped in to help, and one of our volunteers drove four hours to bring Gingerbread safely back to the loving care of STAF.

Gingerbread napped during the entire trip to STAF, knowing she was safe in the care of her special volunteer. This gorgeous one-year-old cat is active, playful, and very excited to be with us. From the first day, she was welcoming all visitors and head-butting with gusto! We are so happy to have her with us.

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue to save more cats in need like Gingerbread who deserve a chance at life, please donate to our Medical Fund today.


Ben Ben arrived at STAF when a woman came to the shelter saying she could no longer keep him, pushed him out of her car, and drove off. Ben Ben arrived in bad shape: he was seriously underweight, riddled with parasites, missing fur, never bathed, and had nails so long he could barely walk. We are very thankful to have him safe at STAF!

In just a short period of time at STAF, Ben Ben looks like a completely different dog. He’s put on a few pounds, had a bath, was treated for parasites, and even had a puppy manicure! It’s obvious that STAF is the best home he has ever known. Ben Ben looks to be a setter/border collie mix and our vet estimates him to be around two years old.

Ben Ben is an energetic, playful boy, and with lack of training, he doesn’t quite know the difference between playing with people and dogs. We’ve seen great progress with his new training and this boy is over-the top-smart! He quickly mastered basic obedience commands and has been transformed into a wonderful walking partner.


Angela was brought to our door in some pretty major distress. This pregnant mama cat was barely more than a kitten herself and she was ready to have her kittens at any moment. The person that found her outside was desperate to find a place for her and we of course took her in and whisked her immediately to one of our foster homes. In less than 48 hours, Angela gave birth to 7 healthy kittens in a safe, warm, and experienced foster home environment. Mama Angela and the kittens – Asher, Aidan, Ada, August, Aster, Aspen, and Aretha – are all thriving. We rescued 1 and saved 8!


This month also brought us the adorable and courageous Laurel. This kitten was brought to us with a terrible injury to her leg and was immediately rushed to our vet. Severely dehydrated, covered in fleas, and unable to walk, she would have never made it on her own outside. After thorough evaluation and consideration of all options, our vet and volunteers determined that due to the severity of her injuries, Laurel would do best with her leg removed. Laurel is back at the shelter and is doing incredibly well! Fortunately kittens heal quickly, especially when they are surrounded by volunteers that are spoiling them ALL day long (that is no exaggeration!).